Cool Breeze

As you read this, I am on an airplane headed to The Motherland.

It will be 60-70 degrees while I am there. I will get cold at night and put on a sweatshirt with my shorts. I LOVE wearing a sweatshirt with shorts. I LOVE cool nights. I LOVE the ocean breeze. I LOVE carne asada burritos sold by a man who does not speak English.

See you on the flip side.


Apartment Tour: The Flooded Edition

It has been raining in Little Rock. Every day.

I used to think I loved the rain. That was when I lived in the land flowing with milk and honey. A land where the sun comes out to play. A land where 3 days of rain causes more traffic than anyone can handle.  That land is not Little Rock.  At least not today.

Did I mention it’s been raining every day? It’s got me feeling a little grouchy.

I have determined the ideal amount of rain is one day a month.  That’s enough to break out the galoshes, to give the weatherman a reason to exist, and to provide the flowers plenty to drink.  The ideal amount of rain would not make rivers of flowing water seep up through the base of your apartment building. The ideal amount of rain certainly would not make your apartment look like this:

Or smell like this:

Oh wait, you can’t smell it. I will describe. Imagine the back of a plane where the air conditioning hasn’t really been working. It’s the end of the flight, the restrooms have been, umm, used, and you hit some serious turbulence. You are about to lose your mind.  That smell.

Thank goodness for our awesome  maintenance man who knocked on our door early Sunday morning {after it had been raining for 3 days non-stop} to see if we were flooded. He and his crew moved all of our furniture and put a couple of air blowers to work.  It sounds like the inside of a hair dryer in our living room. This sound lulls us to sleep nightly. Or wakes us up at 2am, filled with terror, wondering what kind of blood-sucking monster is living down the hall.

Little Rock is set to dry up on Wednesday. Hopefully our apartment will follow suit! For today, we are glad all of our earthly possessions are safely stored in sunny and dry El Cajon, California. The fact of the matter is, as much as it stinks {literally} to have a flooded apartment, there are SO many worse things that could have happened.

A note from the author: In a humorous twist {and evidence of God’s grace in my life} the sun started shining right as this post went out.

Favorite Things April 2011

I have experienced a few things this week every day this week that I have never experienced before.  And when I say never, I mean NEVER IN MY TWENTY NINE YEARS. Never ever ever ever ever. Until now. When my life has somehow turned into a Middle America thunderstorm.

I took this picture of the TV a few moments ago. See that bright red part? The part that says “SEVER WEATHER!” That’s my neighborhood. We have gone from Tornado Watch to Tornado Warning to Tornado Sirens to Tornado Emergency. What. The. Hail. {sorry. I had to. it’s been hailing like mad! golf-ball sized hail.} I have a completely new understanding of the sweet childhood phrase “April showers bring May flowers.” The only problem is all those early blossoming “May flowers” are getting trounced on by excessive rain, hail, and lightning, then not-so-politely ripped out of the ground by tornadoes!

I am officially sick of weather. And with that, my friends, I bring you this month’s installment of Favorite Things.

1. Hunter Rain Boots

I do not own these boots.  I put together a list of reasons why I should own them and handed it to Glenn last week. Top of the list? Princess Diana wore them often. Every other reason? See the 3 paragraphs above.  I wear a size 7 and have my eye on the green ones. They are available at Nordstrom and This has been a public service announcement. *Side note: I realize I am breaking a Favorite Things rule by not actually owning the boots. I apologize. It was necessary.*

2. Brown mustard

I’ve always been a Dijon loyalist, but the brown varietal has crept up on my list of yummies lately. The other day my lunch consisted of a cup of soup and a sliver of baguette that I tore up into teensy tinsy pieces and dipped in brown mustard. It was delicious.

3. The Weepies

I am so not musically cool, it’s painful. I am pretty sure everyone who knows anything about music has been a fan of The Weepies for years now, but I just discovered them and it’s making me happy! Another new musical discovery? The Head and The Heart. Oh me oh my I am in love.

4. Magnum Bars

Memory: We would ride our bikes around the Old Danube; up and down and up and down, Mom and Dad doing their best to guide us away from the French (aka topless) parts of the strand.  Halfway through our bike ride, we would find an ice cream stand, where we could each pick out any kind of ice cream bar our little hearts desired. The Magnum bar was at the very bottom of the menu. It was the most expensive, but also the best. Pure vanilla ice cream covered in a thick, rich Belgian chocolate that would drip down my arm on those particularly warm days. Summer had arrived.

These fabulous bars were recently discovered on US soil in none other than my local Walmart. Be still my beating heart.

Love and excessive amounts of cheek kisses to all of you.