A Day in San Diego {La Jolla, to be exact}

Hi everybody!

Last week, when I was back home for a mini vacation {so amazing! thank you chick-fil-a for giving us the opportunity to take time off!} I spent a day with my friend Erin. Erin likes to call us “frenemies” because when we first met we didn’t exactly love each other. I thought she was crazy {which she is} and she thought I was sassy {which I am}.

One fateful day, after Erin and I were put in charge of the year-end celebration for our students, we entered real friendship. Our friendship involved weekly {sometimes daily} lunches at Nordstrom Cafe and regular trips to The Coffee Bean for iced tea.

Last week we decided to switch things up a bit and head north to La Jolla. My favorite little spot in La Jolla is The Cottage. They have THE best Eggs Benedict I have ever eaten in. my. life. Here is the California Benedict with bacon instead of turkey. I *highly* recommend this.

Just look at that egg-y avocado-y hollandaise-y perfection.

As happens with most close friends, Erin and I order together and share everything. Flying Forks, if you will. She chose wisely. Chilaquiles, or, breakfast nachos. This is served with a scone. A perfect scone. A scone that melts in your mouth and leaves you begging for more. A scone that, when covered in The Cottage’s house-made strawberry-vanilla jam is worth spending $5 a gallon to drive all the way to La Jolla from Little Rock. If only I had a car….

Following our breakfast at The Cottage, Erin politely escorted me to Lululemon where I purchased TWO pairs of the world’s greatest stretch pants. One for running, and one that can take me from “the gym, to yoga, to hanging out” which I have worn EVERY day since purchasing. This was my first Lululemon purchase, and I had been saving my spending money for mooonnnttthhhsss because, believe it or not, these things don’t run cheap.

It should be noted that Erin hates shopping, so while I was trying on everything in the store, she was looking through a gigantic scrapbook she found displaying all sorts of locals in their Lululemon gear.

Our final stop of the day was another first… for Erin. SPRINKLES cupcakes!

The coolest part of this trip to Sprinkles was that we each scored a free cupcake because of social media! I follow Sprinkles on Twitter, and periodically they tweet “passwords” you can whisper to the cashier to receive a free cupcake. Right before we ordered, I checked to see if there were any new tweets, and sure enough, if we whispered “fresh squeezed” we would each receive a FREE tangerine cupcake. It was so cool! It felt like we were part of some secret nobody else in the store knew about.

To end this post, I leave you with a short list of recommendations:

1. Befriend your enemy, you never know, you could make a great new friend.

2. Join Twitter and follow ME: @kristineats.

3. After following @kristineats, follow @sprinkles to get free cupcakes from time to time.

4. Share your food with friends. It’s really fun and sharing is caring. Sharing is some people’s love language, actually. Some people like me.

That’s all, folks! Much love to you, have a beautiful day.