Bobby’s Burger Palace – Washington DC

I’m in DC, fools!

I came out here to hang with my littlest sister {the lovely Katherine} and the parentals for a few days. It’s been fun so far, and I’m excited I have a couple more days of fun ahead.

Last night, for dinner, Mom took Katherine and I to Bobby’s Burger Palace. My Dad was attending a wedding, so it was girls night out. Woop-de-doop!

Bobby’s Burger Palace is Bobby Flay’s entrance into the low-key dining scene. Brilliant, if you ask me. I think he realized that “fast casual” is really where the money’s at, and that the American people are all about visiting restaurants that are Food Network Celebrity Chef endorsed. How else could you explain the horrifying phenomenon that is Guy Fieri?

Side note: I can’t be a real hater: I’ve been to a handful of the Diner’s, Drive-In’s and Dives recommended restaurants, and they have all been really good. Thank you, Guy, for introducing me to Joe’s Farm Grill. Even though you have flames on your shirt and peroxide in your hair, I wish you all the best.

Back to DC. Bobby’s Burger Palace was a great example of fast casual food done right. You walk in, you place your order, you sit down at one of a handful of long, communal tables, they bring your food out to you.  I ordered the Napa Valley Burger {does this come as a surprise to anyone? the primary topping is goat cheese!}.

Both Katherine and Mom ordered the LA Burger — loaded with fresh guacamole.

We also split an order of fries. They were superbly crisp and delicious.

All in all, I think I’d give Bobby’s Burger Place a solid 4 stars. The food was good, the service was great, and you can easily get out of there for under $10 a person if you share your side item. Check it out next time you’re on the East Coast!


Dallas: Glenn’s Birthday

We had such a great time exploring and eating our way through Dallas. Here is what Glenn’s actual birthday looked like.

We started the day at the monstrosity of a mall called NorthPark Center. I know it’s not exactly cool, hipster, or PC of us to have spent most of our day at a massive shopping center, but we couldn’t help ourselves. As true Americans, we love us a good shopping spree, and NorthPark was honestly THE best mall I have ever been to. I think it may even rival SouthCoast Plaza. Since it was Glenn’s birthday, not mine, he chose most of the stores we spent time in. I did manage to squeeze a couple of ginger peach iced teas and a good stroll through the shoe department at Nordstrom out of him, though.

After our morning at the mall we got back to our hotel and spent some serious time on the treadmills, then read by the pool for a couple of hours. Reeeelaxing! Next up it was time to glam for our night on the town, and then head out for dinner. Glenn chose Ethiopian food for his birthday dinner this year, and I could not have been more pleased.

If you haven’t had Ethiopian food before, well, you’re probably thinking that it looks disgusting… sorry! Ethiopian food is honestly one of my favorite foods in the world. It has exceptional flavor and is such a fun experience. You eat with your hands, people!! How could a meal get better?!

Besides being delicious, Ethiopian restaurants are almost always in slightly seedy parts of town. I love this because I feel like it gives us a glimmer into what a city is really like. It was fun to see the different neighborhoods of Dallas and imagine what life would be like for families around the city.

After filling up on tibs, wot, and injera {all classic Ethiopian dishes} it was time to find another favorite of ours: boba tea! Boba, for those who are not aware, are little tapioca balls that are put into various iced tea and coffee drinks. It’s exciting and fun to take a sip of tea and find something chewy in your mouth!

Last summer when the Murdock side of the family had a mini reunion we all decided to email each other anytime we had boba. We have gotten emails from China, Canada, Europe, and all over the US. Here was the picture we sent all the cousins. See the little boba balls in the tea?

One would think that a massive plate full of Ethiopian food followed by tapioca-filled tea would have filled us up. And it did. But that didn’t stop us from heading to LaDuni – a latin cafe with famed desserts. It was much too dark and romantic in there for any of my pictures to turn out, but the desserts were TO DIE FOR. We had a cuatro leches cake {a dry sweet yellow cake topped with meringue-like frosting, sitting in a bath of sweetened condensed milk and caramel} as well as the Venezuelan Triple Chocolate Truffle Cake {which, in no way, can I do justice by describing so you should probably just book a trip to Dallas immediately so you can try it}. Another thing I loved about LaDuni was the coffee menu. It reminded me of a Viennese cafe – with pictures of every type of coffee drink they serve. We both chose the cappuccino. Perfection in a cup.

More than any of these fun things, however, it was just so much fun to spend time with G-Money. I know sometimes life gets crazy, and I also know that sometimes we try to show only the good parts of life and paint a picture of awesomeness that may not be entirely true {see this post!} but I can honestly say that God has given me the ideal mate.  I am so grateful for the ways Glenn challenges me, encourages me, supports me, is always gentle and kind to me, and is SO MUCH FUN to spend time with. What a great adventure life is with Mr. Murdock!

Hope you all have a fab-u-los weekend!


Around Town

As I was driving around town yesterday, running all sorts of errands, I saw some crazy stuff.

There was this man, dressed in a chicken suit. He was the advertising for Arkansas Silver and Gold. Naturally. Why wouldn’t you wear a chicken suit to tell everyone you buy silver and gold?

I was almost home when I drove by this guy. See him all the way to the left? It’s a Google Earth photographer. Kind of creepy but also kind of cool to see this Google Earth in action.

Finally, as Glenn and I were on our way downtown, a man sprinted across the street, into oncoming traffic, and came INCHES away from the hood of my car. I slammed on the breaks, squealed, and thanked God something bad didn’t happen. We then promptly inhaled these delicious pretzels at The Flying Saucer.

Weird day!


A Day in San Diego {La Jolla, to be exact}

Hi everybody!

Last week, when I was back home for a mini vacation {so amazing! thank you chick-fil-a for giving us the opportunity to take time off!} I spent a day with my friend Erin. Erin likes to call us “frenemies” because when we first met we didn’t exactly love each other. I thought she was crazy {which she is} and she thought I was sassy {which I am}.

One fateful day, after Erin and I were put in charge of the year-end celebration for our students, we entered real friendship. Our friendship involved weekly {sometimes daily} lunches at Nordstrom Cafe and regular trips to The Coffee Bean for iced tea.

Last week we decided to switch things up a bit and head north to La Jolla. My favorite little spot in La Jolla is The Cottage. They have THE best Eggs Benedict I have ever eaten in. my. life. Here is the California Benedict with bacon instead of turkey. I *highly* recommend this.

Just look at that egg-y avocado-y hollandaise-y perfection.

As happens with most close friends, Erin and I order together and share everything. Flying Forks, if you will. She chose wisely. Chilaquiles, or, breakfast nachos. This is served with a scone. A perfect scone. A scone that melts in your mouth and leaves you begging for more. A scone that, when covered in The Cottage’s house-made strawberry-vanilla jam is worth spending $5 a gallon to drive all the way to La Jolla from Little Rock. If only I had a car….

Following our breakfast at The Cottage, Erin politely escorted me to Lululemon where I purchased TWO pairs of the world’s greatest stretch pants. One for running, and one that can take me from “the gym, to yoga, to hanging out” which I have worn EVERY day since purchasing. This was my first Lululemon purchase, and I had been saving my spending money for mooonnnttthhhsss because, believe it or not, these things don’t run cheap.

It should be noted that Erin hates shopping, so while I was trying on everything in the store, she was looking through a gigantic scrapbook she found displaying all sorts of locals in their Lululemon gear.

Our final stop of the day was another first… for Erin. SPRINKLES cupcakes!

The coolest part of this trip to Sprinkles was that we each scored a free cupcake because of social media! I follow Sprinkles on Twitter, and periodically they tweet “passwords” you can whisper to the cashier to receive a free cupcake. Right before we ordered, I checked to see if there were any new tweets, and sure enough, if we whispered “fresh squeezed” we would each receive a FREE tangerine cupcake. It was so cool! It felt like we were part of some secret nobody else in the store knew about.

To end this post, I leave you with a short list of recommendations:

1. Befriend your enemy, you never know, you could make a great new friend.

2. Join Twitter and follow ME: @kristineats.

3. After following @kristineats, follow @sprinkles to get free cupcakes from time to time.

4. Share your food with friends. It’s really fun and sharing is caring. Sharing is some people’s love language, actually. Some people like me.

That’s all, folks! Much love to you, have a beautiful day.


I’m in Nashville!

We met up with these crazy, lovely people for an early birthday celebration for MOI. I’ve only been here once before. I loved it that time, I love it even more this time!

Here are the places we’ve gone so far:

Rosepepper for Mexican food. I can finally say I understand what all the hype is with Southerners and their “cheese dip” – this is the only place I’ve tried that does it right. And by ‘right’ I mean it’s more than melted velveeta with green chilis.

Music Row for more Honky Tonk spots that I can name.

Loveless Cafe. My friend Liz introduced me to this place several years ago. Biscuits and jam worth every 2 hours on the treadmill.

Wild Horse Saloon.

A massive Boot shop where 3 of the 4 of us left with cowboy boots.

Fido. Yummy breakfast and coffee.

Whole Foods and Lululemon in Green Hills. We were celebrity hunting. It didn’t work. Or Taylor Swift really did a good job looking like a normal person.

Edgehill Cafe. So cute. Jessica and I spent the afternoon working while the boys had a meeting at Jack’s BBQ.

Pfunky Griddle. Grill your own pancakes. Dangerous only because you can’t stop adding cool ingredients to the batter!

The best part of this trip? Having friends. Not just friends, but GREAT friends who are so fun to travel with, be with, work with, everything with. I am blessed. Nashville is fun. End of story.

4 Years – The Celebration

Me, at Flight, with a flight.

Since there was such a great response to my mooshy blog for Glenn, I thought I would share with you all what fun we had eating everything in sight to celebrate our 4 years of marriage! We left Little Rock for a few hours and drove 2 hours away to Memphis for dinner. Most people in Little Rock thought we were crazy to drive so far just for dinner. They clearly do not understand how much we love food.

Enter Flight, a restaurant dedicated completely to, what else, flights. A flight, in case you didn’t know, is a “sampling” of 3 different items. I guess it’s kind of like tapas, where the idea is to taste a little bit of everything – my favorite way to eat because I get to eat everything on the menu!

Here is how the night went down.

1. We dressed up.

2. We hit an ice storm. What’s that you say? You don’t have ice storms where you live because you live where the sun actually shines? You’ve never had a very large Semi jack-knife right next to you and felt your heart stop for 10 seconds, wondering if you would live to see another day? Consider yourself blessed.

3. We hit Tennessee (evidence of ice storm in photo below). See the Tennessee sign waaay in the distance, through the snow and ice and windshield?

4. We found the restaurant and ordered baked brie.

5. I ordered a flight of salads. Glenn ordered a flight of soups.

Salad Flight left to right: Classic Wedge, Shrimp and Avocado, Spinach, Walnut and Camembert.

Soup Flight left to right: Lobster Bisque, Gumbo, Butternut Squash.

An appetizer to share and then our own soup and salad flights? That’s how we roll, people, that’s how we roll.

6. It was time for entrees. At Flight they let you either get one of the predetermined entree flights (the steak flight, for example) or create your own out of all of the different options. We both created our own, allowing us to try (honestly) almost everything on the menu. My dreams are coming true!

My entrees: Hawaiian walu with pomegranate sauce, roasted quail with shrimp and grits stuffing, ribeye steak with potato croquettes and mushroom sauce.

Glenn’s entrees: Chilean sea bass (not sustainable – oops) with shrimp risotto, butter-poached lobster with roasted purple potatoes, seared scallop with black bean ginger buerre blanc.

7. There’s more – can you believe it? Dessert!

The Memphis Flight, including such Southern specialties as a moon-pie and The Elvis, oh, and the best Pecan-chocolate “thing” I have EVER tasted.

The Creme Brulee Flight. Self explanatory.

Flight, we like you.