Thoughts of purpose, success, and how to define my life goals have been filling my mind lately. It could be because many of my waking hours have been spent listening to Oprah and thinking about the legacy I want to leave. It could also be due to the challenging words I heard during a recent Sunday church service: “Serve God where you are now, and let Him control where you go next.” I am realizing that I have, in some ways, buried my purpose since coming to Little Rock. I haven’t allowed myself to shine, I haven’t allowed myself to succeed, I haven’t allowed myself to serve others through my gifts because I don’t really want to be here.

I will likely share more of this with all of you in the coming weeks as I continue to process. For now let’s talk success.

According to Webster’s success is: degree or measure of succeeding or favorable or desired outcome.

Favorable or desired outcome. Is it just me, or does it seem like the favorable or desired outcome is impossible? Like success is impossible? Like failure is imminent? I think a part of me feels this every day, in one aspect of my life or another.

As I slowly learn and grow, as I push and drag myself to be the healthiest {emotionally, spiritually, physically, relationally} the more I realize I avoid goals. I shy away from telling people what success would be for me. Why? Because I have a deeply rooted fear, founded in lies I choose to believe, that I won’t get my goals. What if I don’t do it? What if I fail?

My heart is at war with my head. One side says Stop! It’s not worth the risk! You’ll never be able to do it! Why try when it’s impossible? While the other speaks truth: You can do all things {ALL THINGS!} through Christ who gives you strength. You are capable of so much more than you could even imagine! Success is only possible when there’s a risk of failure. You’re worth it!

Argh, the work that goes into being healthy.

What was the last time you allowed yourself to set a ridiculous goal, a goal you thought was close to impossible, a goal you very well may have failed at? Did you make it? Did you get close? Closer than you’ve ever gotten before?

That is success.

Sure, I wanted to have lost 20 pounds by today instead of 12… but 12 is a heck of a lot closer to my goal than 0 is.  Yea, I would have liked to have completely stopped waking up in the night with minor {or major… take your pick} anxiety. But waking up once or twice a month, and knowing what to do when anxiety comes, is significantly better than what used to happen 2 years ago. {Which was, in case you were wondering, regular illness and slight hysteria.}

And now for a happy story:

Last week I had a moment of undeniable success. I blew success out of the water.  I did something I honestly, HONESTLY, never thought was possible.

Glenn had challenged me to beat my “mile” record of 8 minutes. I know people run entire races at a faster pace than that, but these short little legs were pushing it to get 8 minutes. Glenn told me that if I could run a 7:50 mile, he would buy me two new pairs of the world’s greatest running socks. The Nike Elite Cushion Stability Running Socks. These socks are $14.


Understandably, I have only one pair. I wash that one pair multiple times a week so that I can wear them on all my serious runs. Two new pairs sounded miiiiighty fine. But a 7:50 mile? That is fast. Really fast. And the last time I ran an 8 minute mile was over a year ago.  I was sure I couldn’t do it, at least no time soon.

For some reason, last Tuesday, I decided to try it. I was sick of living in fear of failure. I wanted to succeed. To prove to myself, and Glenn, that I could push myself harder than ever before.

I ran a mile in 7:47.

I ROCK! Aaah, the sweet taste of success. Aaaah, the sweet smell of new socks. It was a good day.

There is so much more I have to say about this subject, but for today:

May you acknowledge the successes you have already achieved, and challenge yourself to become who you are *truly* capable of being.

Love to you all,


The Bod: Update Numero Uno

I told Glenn that I would update the blog on my weight loss journey every time I lost 10 pounds.

I’ve lost 11 pounds! That’s more than 10!

Sometimes people say the first part of weight loss is the easiest, but that is not the case for me. It’s all hard… but I don’t think anything will ever be as hard as the first 10 pounds.

I am still using all of the same tools that I was when I started. I have also started running more {and faster than I ever have!} as I begin training for the 2011 Nike Women’s 1/2 Marathon in October.

11 down. 29 to go. Woop-woop!


A Week of Breakfast

This is a segment called What Kristin Had for Breakfast. Welcome.

Sometimes I think it’s helpful to see what other people eat, especially if you are trying to focus on health and moderation. Oh, and especially if you’re trying to shed some of that “winter layer” that has somehow managed to stay on you for 2 years.  So here’s what I ate for breakfast.

Sunday: A handful of raw trail mix and a Starbucks passion iced tea. Oh, and a bite of #3‘s turkey bacon sandwich. Older sisters must always have a bite of younger sisters’ food.

Monday: A whole wheat English muffin with a smidge {and by smidge I mean 1/2 a tablespoon} of natural peanut butter on one side and raspberry jam on the other side. A hard boiled egg. Some sliced strawberries. Yumminess.

Tuesday: Breakfast date with Glennard! We shared a pancake breakfast at Mimi’s, so I had 2 pancakes, 2 slices of bacon, a scrambled egg, and half a grapefruit. Although the service and food at Mimi’s is decidedly mediocre, they have somehow figured out how to make pancakes extra delicious.  I am married to a true pancake lover, so it looks like Mimi’s will be in my life for a while.

Wednesday: Egg white omelet with green bell pepper and a sprinkling of goat cheese. I used to hate egg whites but now I love them. End of story. Light English muffin with 1 teaspoon of butter.

Thursday: Boulevard Bread’s fruit plate. We’ve talked about this. It’s delicious. I should try to make it for myself because it would save me lots of cash every week, but then I would have to buy myself a fresh baguette every week and that would mean I would be forced to eat an entire fresh baguette every week. It’s happened before. It could happen again.

Friday: Weigh-in day.  Beginning of a new week. My day to eat sweets and have a glass of wine. Since it’s currently Thursday and I haven’t eaten Friday’s breakfast yet, I am pulling this stuff out of my ear. Not my rear, my ear. Ears are family friendly. Rears are not. Back to breakfast. Maybe I’ll have a latte and some toast. Maybe I’ll have an egg sandwich. Maybe I’ll eat apple slices or a hard boiled egg. Or I might skip breakfast and have a brownie. Because I can.

Happy Almost Friday, folks!!