Love Letters

Hi everybody! Happy V-Day!

My friend Carol  posted some Love Letters the other day and I had such a great time reading them I wanted to join in on the fun. So here we are, just in time for Valentine’s Day, with Love Letters from Kristin.

Dear Cable Television,
I really love you. I know I’m spending a lot less time with you now that I live near the beach, but don’t you worry your pretty little head, as soon as the new seasons of Khloe & Lamar and Survivor start, we will once again be together forever. Thanks for always being there for me. And I really do mean ALWAYS… even when you shouldn’t be.

Dear Cheez-It’s,
I don’t think I have ever accurately described my love for you. You are the perfect combination of salty and cheesy, and your cute little square shape makes me giddy. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to every time I open the cupboard.

Dear Bottle of Dom in my fridge,
It’s not necessarily you that I love so much — although I am excited to try you — it’s what you symbolize. Friends who love with a true, deep, familial love. The celebration of 30 years of life. The realization of a dream. The memories that have already happened and are yet to come. I will savor every one of your tiny bubbles.

Dear Southern California,
You are my soul mate. Truly. Second only to Glenn. There is no one else for me. Oh how I love you.

Dear Iced Tea,
I am so grateful that you have always been around. I love you flavored and when you’re simply black. I love that you are so delicious without any calories or sweetener in you. I love that I can order you at coffee shops, restaurants, and Nordstrom.

Dear Mark & Laura,
It has been so much fun living “with” you guys for the past week. What an unexpected blessing! You are gracious, always have a listening ear, share the same taste in food {major bonus!} and are so willing to be authentic. Whether this season winds up being short or long, I am already grateful for the fun we have had.

Dear Chick-fil-A,
You make the best chicken sandwich ever in life. You created a place where my husband can truly be himself and where his vision can become reality. You make our dreams come true.

Dear Reagan and Jack,
My newest obsessions, born to two of my closest friends. I already love you more than words can say. I can’t wait to lunch with you and your Mama’s every. single. week. I’m just so happy you’re here!

Dear Growth Mindset,
Even though sometimes you want to hide, I am so glad you are inside of me. You remind me that I am capable of anything, and you challenge me to be the best version of myself — even when its hard. Scratch that… especially when its hard. I promise to keep hearing you out, and look forward to the day when you are the only mindset talking to me.

Dear G-Money,
You are my greatest adventure. I love every second I get to spend with you and am humbled when I think of God’s kindness and mercy in allowing our paths to cross. Good things are coming our way.  I ardently love you. {thank you, Pride and Prejudice, for making the word “ardent” an active part of my vocabulary}

Dear God,
I love You because Your love for me is an overwhelming, life-changing love. Living in Your grace and truth is the only place I ever want to be. I am undeserving and yet You allow me to be alive, to be free, to be me.

And that about sums it up. Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies! May only good, red, and pink things come your way today.


2,012 Facts for 2012

Just kidding!  I don’t feel like spending the next week typing out facts, so how about I just share twelve??

Ready? Heeeerre, weeee, gooooo!

1. I was sick on Christmas. So was Glenn. So was Glenn’s Mom. So were our nieces. The plague ran rampant through the Murdock clan and its lingering effects can still be felt; primarily in my nostrils.

2. I have gained 5 pounds since November 1st. Egg whites only, please.

3. I bought Glenn shoes for Christmas. Not these shoes, but nice shoes nonetheless. Blue Jack Purcell’s, followed by a rare and uber exciting find: Ralph Lauren wingtip shoes. They are really awesome. They were also not full price. Not even close.

4. I like San Diego better than Little Rock.

5. Kimbo and I started the year off by hiking Pinnacle. Even though I like San Diego better, there are parts of Little Rock that are truly beautiful. Pinnacle is one of those parts.

{taken in the spring of 2010}

6. Thomas Keller is amazing at everything.

7. Glenn used his arm to “sample” various colognes yesterday. The living room still smells like a combination of D & G The One, Ed Hardy {????}, and Usher VIP. Ridiculous.

8. If you want a simple and delicious dinner, chop up a few tomatoes, slice a quarter of an onion real thin, and cube a block of feta cheese. Toss these 3 ingredients together with a pinch of pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. Voila: you’re done! I ate this for dinner last night, along with a fresh baguette.

9. Thirty degrees is cold. It might not be the coldest. It might not be that far below freezing. But it’s still flipping cold.

10. Saying “woof” is funny. It’s my new favorite word. And it always cracks me up. Always.

11. I am turning thirty in less than a month.

12. 2012 is going to be a great year. Potentially the best year yet.

Happy New Year, friends. All of my love for a fabulous 2012!