It happened last week. BAM. Out of the blue. A headache.

“I never get headaches.*” I thought to myself.

*This statement is not entirely true, but it is true that I seldom get headaches, and when I do the culprit is usually dehydration and excessive time spent in the sun. 

I was on my way over to Ryan & Julie’s and was SO tired I could barely stand it.

“What is wrong with me?!”

I started to go through a list of things I could potentially have that would be causing this headachy tiredness.

The list goes something like this: general illness, stomach flu, deadly illness, brain tumor, cancer, freaky disease no one has ever heard of that will kill me in a matter of minutes.

“Hold on. Take a deep breath. It’s probably not that bad.”

I thought through things I had done recently. Was there something I ate? Had I been walking 15-20 miles in the heat? Had I consumed a caffeinated beverage {or three} every day for the last two weeks without knowing it?


I grabbed my phone and sent Julie this message:


Happy Thursday!