Road Trip to Michigan: The Details

Here are the details of our road trip to Michigan. In case the title of this post did not make that clear.

Here we go!

Day One: Wake up at 3:20am. Get in the car and drive. Attempt to find a Starbucks and have absolutely no luck. Stop at Burger King for breakfast sandwiches and diet cokes. {Nothing says “good morning” like aspartame and partially hydrogenated vegetable oil}.  Finally find a Starbucks in Southern Illinois. Drink iced lattes. Cross over the Mississippi {pictured above}. Get stuck in a little bit of traffic outside of Chicago. Arrive at destination. Give and get lots of hugs. Eat homemade pizzas. Sleep really well in a 65 degree non-air-conditioned room. I love Michigan.

Day Two: Wake up to a breakfast of fresh eggs from the chicken coop out back {so good!}, sausage, and rye bread. Walk around fun Grand Rapids neighborhoods. Try on lots of clothes at resale shops. Eat dinner at The Green Well. End the evening with a dipped cone. I love Michigan.

Day Three: Wake up to a breakfast of fresh eggs, this time with pancakes {!!!}. Drive an hour and a half to the “beach” in Grand Haven. People-watch as we lounge by the water. Eat hot dogs wrapped in tortillas for lunch. Realize we all brought the exact same outfit to wear after the beach. Sip iced coffee as we shop at Nordstrom Rack {!!!}. Drive home through Grand Rapids to meet up with high school buddies Adam and Danielle for dinner. Humiliate ourselves by driving by Julie’s old flame’s house, as well as our friend Liz’s house, and taking pictures. I love Michigan.

Day Four: Wake up to a breakfast of fresh egg and sausage sandwiches. Run sprints in the rain. Eat lunch at the most well-known establishment in Middleville: Champs. Stop by Geukes Meat Market for the best beef jerky on the planet.  Make burgers and sweet potato fries for dinner. Kiss Gracie goodnight. Watch American Pickers/American Restoration/Pawn Stars awesomeness. I love Michigan.

Day Five: Wake up at 4:10am and drive forever. Consume 800 calories worth of “snack” {oops} which included a dipped cone. Cry about the 30 degree temperature difference between Michigan and Arkansas. Get giddy with excitement as we realize we get to see Glenn AND eat at Zaza. I love Michigan, I like Little Rock {this is a step in the right direction, people!}, but I love my husband the most.

Love to you all. Have a FABulous weekend!


Road Trippin

Here is why road trips are awesome: they fit perfectly into my current lifestyle. Check it out:

Road trips can be really cheap. Perfect! I’m not generating an income!

Road trips make getting from Point A to Point B take days instead of hours. Great! I have lots of free time!

Road trips let you see parts of the country you have never been to before. Super! I love America!

Sounds to me like road tripping is really the way to go if your name is Kristin.

Seeing as my name is Kristin, eeaaarrrlllyyy Friday morning {that would be tomorrow…} I am grabbing #3 and we’re driving to Michigan. We will be visiting my college roomie and best friend, along with her sweet little girl. We will also be finding our way to Juke’s for the best jerky on the planet. I wish I were exaggerating, but I’m not. It’s worth a drive to Michigan for this jerky.

The GPS tells us it will be a 13 hour drive, and that does not include potty breaks, stops for Cheez-It’s and Smart Water {the two road trip essentials, if you ask me} or traffic when we hit Chicago.  We are leaving at 4am and hope to make it by 8pm. It’s gonna be awesome.

See you on the road!