Dallas, Texas: Hotel Palomar and Other Such Fun

For Glenn’s birthday this year, we decided to visit Dallas. It’s only a five hour drive, it’s a big city {which we love}, and it’s in Texas {which we also love}.

During our visit we stayed at the Hotel Palomar Dallas. The Hotel Palomar is pretty much awesome. It’s centrally located, the staff is exceptionally friendly, and the beds are really comfy. They had a great workout facility, a beautiful spa that I was drooling over, and a wine hour every night where you could mingle with other guests. So fun!

The Hotel Palomar Dallas is part of the Kimpton Hotel Group, and I have to say I highly recommend any Kimpton hotel. I have stayed in Kimpton hotels in San Francisco, San Diego, and now Dallas. Oh! And our great experience at the Hotel Palomar just makes me that much more excited about staying at the Serrano Hotel in downtown San Francisco for my upcoming half marathon. I’ll try to get some better pictures from that stay… it’s just so hard to do anything but fall face-first onto the freshly made bed in a great hotel room when I walk in! How am I supposed to remember to take artsy pictures??!!

Our first stop in Dallas, and a big part of the reason we decided to take a trip to Dallas at all, was the recently opened In-N-Out. I’ve already told all of you about my love for In-N-Out, so there’s no need for me to take time explaining exactly how much we miss it or how amazing that first bite was. Oh me oh my.

Other fun moments on our first day in Dallas included burning the inside of our mouths on a habanero-chili cocktail at The Cedars Social and then looking for a place to grab dessert only to find that there is a Truluck’s in Dallas – home of the Chocolate Bag. I first experienced The Chocolate Bag thanks to my friend Blair back home in San Diego. I pretty much died a blissful death after my first bite. They serve a similar dessert here in Little Rock at a restaurant called SO, and the ever-so-talented Carol  made a version of it herself which you can read about here.

The Chocolate Bag at Truluck’s is a thick paper-bag shaped Belgian milk chocolate concoction, stuffed to the brim with a mixture of pound cake, fresh strawberries and blueberries, small crunchy bites of praline, and a mascarpone/whipped cream mixture.

You break into the bag and then pour homemade hot fudge all over it. It’s the most decadent and ridiculous thing one could ever eat, but it’s perfect for a birthday weekend. You will make yourself sick on this thing, I guarantee it.  Oh, and you see that orange-striped robe covering my arm? Another awesome feature at the Hotel Palomar Dallas was the animal-print bathrobes. I love bathrobes!

Hope you’re enjoying this! More on our second {and last} day in Dallas tomorrow.