Epic Nail Fail

This is the story of a brilliant idea gone horribly wrong.

It was a warm Saturday and I was sitting at home alone. A chicken carcass and a bunch of fresh herbs were boiling on the stove, and I needed a manicure. With the E! Selena Gomez special on TV, I browsed the Internet for something fun to do with my nails.

It was Pinterest that brought the glorious idea to mind.

{Pause in story. Have you guys heard of Pinterest? It is kind of awesome and I have my dear Little Rock friend Carol to thank for introducing me to it. You go online and “pin” things you like, so you never have to wonder where you found that cute bag or whose blog you were reading when you discovered just how many calories a double stuff Oreo has in it. If you haven’t already, you should check it out. The nail story will now resume.}

I saw a manicure idea that I knew would be stunning, and also seemed quite simple. I was to select a fun nail polish, use a Martha Stewart glitter that matched said polish to add some sparkle, and finish it all off with a top coat. I had nail polish, I had Martha Stewart glitter, I had top coat. Beautiful nails were less than 30 minutes away.

I filed my nails, pushed back my cuticles, and painted the first coat of polish. After letting that dry for a minute, I painted the second coat. It was beautiful. I couldn’t wait to see this sheer white with some sparkles on the tips of my fingers. I also couldn’t wait to see what Selena Gomez decided to wear on her first audition for The Disney Channel.  I just had to dip my brush into the topcoat, then into the glitter, then onto my nails. Beauty would forever be mine!

And then it happened. Just as the reporter was asking Selena if she was truly in love with The Biebs; my manicure took a turn for the worst.

Clumpy, messy, not at all glamorous… I am not exactly sure what I did wrong, but I’m pretty sure this was not how Martha Stewart would want her glitter to be seen around town.

To a better manicure, and a happy Monday.


Oh My Eyebrows!

Five years ago, when two of my three sisters were following in my footsteps and working for the greatest retail store on earth- Nordstrom – I was introduced to Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Studio. Melissa, my brow expert, has changed my face {for the better} forever.

If you are not familiar with Anastasia, let me fill you in. It’s the best. They follow the natural bone structure of your face, arch of your brow, etc, and give you the best brows on the planet for a mere $30.

If that isn’t enough for you: Anastasia loyalists range from Oprah to Kim Kardashian. See? I knew you would want to go!

Here are my eyebrows before. I made my chauffeur/friend Piper take this picture of me to document just how bad it was. She is completely opposed to facial hair so I’m surprised she even allowed herself close enough to my brows to take the photo.

Here are my brows after. Amazing! Or, in the words of Piper: “SO much better!”

Please let me know if you need me to send you Melissa’s phone number. You can also check your local Nordstrom to see if they offer the Anastasia Brow Studio in your area. If you don’t live near a Nordstrom, may I suggest moving?

~Perfectly Arched Kristin