Sports Bra Challenge

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this challenge, let me just say this is not intended to be an attack on modesty, or a reason to flaunt parts of our femininity that should not be flaunted. The intention here is to keep things modest, but to embrace our bodies as they are and be ok with the way we look, imperfections and all. Stepping off soap box now.

I don’t know if you guys watch The Biggest Loser but I totally love it! This season was my favorite by far, and I was SO inspired by sisters Hannah and Olivia – I loved their authenticity, positivity, and willingness to work hard in ALL areas {emotional, spiritual, physical} to make their goals a reality.

Like a true Bieber fan, I have totally e-stalked Hannah and Olivia since the Biggest Loser finale.  To my delight, they have a SUPER cute blog called My Fitspiration. Love it! Aren’t they just too presh?

Side note: Olivia’s haircut has definitely been added to my “cute short hair” collection. I have always wanted to go Pixie but have never had the cohones to go through with it. I’m thinking next year might be the year. 30 is a good year to chop your hair, right?

Welllll anywaaayyyzzzz… Hannah and Olivia really are an inspiration to me as I’m inching toward my weight loss goals, so I’ve decided to accept the challenge they have thrown out: the sports bra challenge. Basically, on July 29th, I’m going to join them and anyone else who is brave enough, and work out in my sports bra WITHOUT A SHIRT. *Shudder.*

I will also post a {thumbnail sized} picture of said workout. *Shudder again.* It’s time to embrace it, ladies… who’s with me?

You can watch the video where Hannah and Olivia throw down the challenge HERE. Also, if anyone is wondering how my “Half Marathon Training Bootcamp” as I have dubbed it, is going… I’m on day 3 and still going strong. Yesterday I had to run 6 UP-HILL sprints. Brruuuuutttaaaallll, but I felt good afterward.