The Five Experiment :: Week One Results

I did it! I ran five miles, five days last week. Glenn joined me for my Thursday morning run, which was a nice change and I loved having a buddy.

I wound up running five days in a row, which wasn’t my intention, but it worked out. Monday was actually the most difficult – I stopped halfway through and had to sit down for about 10 minutes in the shade. I am realizing that running at noon on the hottest day of the week is not going to get me my *best* results. It is a challenge, however, so I guess that’s good.

Here are my stats from last week. Each run was 5 miles.
Monday – 11 minute pace
Tuesday – 10:21 minute pace
Wednesday – 10:16 pace
Thursday – 10:00 minute pace
Friday – 10:18 minute pace

This week I am going to try to do two of my runs at an under 10 minute pace.

If any of you decided to join me or do a challenge of your own, I would love to hear about it!

Happy Tuesday,


The Five Experiment

It’s April and I’m doing an experiment on myself.

The Five Experiment.

It involves me, my running shoes, and hard work.

It all started last weekend when Kimberly and I were riding bikes and spending the afternoon in Santa Monica. Aren’t we cute?

As we were walking around and buying kelly-green shorts {we love us some colorful shorts!}, we saw a handful of exceptionally lean and fit runners. I have always wanted to ask a lean runner what their workout and eating routine is. And by “lean runner” I don’t mean like an Olympian from Kenya. Just a regular old “lean runner.”

At any rate, while Kimberly and I were discussing how often one would have to run to become the “lean runner” type, I threw out the idea of running five miles five times a week as an experiment on my own body.

So I’m doing it.

For the next month I will be running five miles five times a week. I did a couple of practice runs last week and was impressed with my times.

Go me! Quite frankly I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to finish the runs, so the fact that I did both of them at an under 10 minute pace was super encouraging.

Today I ran my first official 5 miles for the experiment. It didn’t go quite as well as last week’s runs.

There aren’t really any great excuses I can give you for why today’s run was so much slower — it was noon on the hottest day of the week, but really I just chose to not push myself as hard as I could have. So tomorrow, tomorrow, I will push a little harder.

High Fives all around!


Back on Track: The Running Game

Are you ready for more running posts? Swift-moving feet are about to take over my life again, so buckle up.

Earlier this week I went out and tried to run the fastest mile I could. You may recall, my fastest mile to date is 7:47 and it earned me fancy socks. It had been a while since said fastest mile, so I decided to go down to the boardwalk and see if I could push myself to run super fast.

Oh my word running fast is hard.

Oh my word running fast on a boardwalk is much harder than on a treadmill.

I did it in 8:15.

Not quite as good as 7:47 but not too far off, so I think I can get there again within the next month or so.

Today is my day off, and tomorrow I attempt 6 miles {my first run over 4 miles since leaving the lovely Keri}.Here are the rest of this week’s running stats:

Monday: 2 miles with Piper, followed by an additional 2 miles of power walking. Walk & Talk & Run. Super fun.
Tuesday: 1 mile at 8:15. Ouch.
Wednesday: Skipped it. {It’s my first week back, give me a break!:)}
Thursday: 4 miles at 9:42 with GMoney.

My goal for next week is to follow the schedule I have set for myself precisely. Anybody in the LA area care to join me?? {Please say yes.}

And because I have no running pictures to share with you, but we all know pictures make blogs way more fun, here are a blurry Glenn and I on Wednesday night when we decided to skip our run and go to Costco to share a slice of pizza and a hot dog. I am so glad to be back in the land of Costco.

Happy Friday, and happy running to my fellow swift-footed friends.




Hi Everybody!!

I have officially finished my tenth half marathon! Yippeee!!! These pictures are all from Caitlin’s phone, and you may have seen them on facebook, but I’m posting them here anyway because it’s too exciting not to share. 🙂

We woke up early Sunday morning and found it absolutely necessary to take some Power Pose Pictures before we left the hotel. We’re super fierce. Obviously.

Next it was time to walk to Union Square and brave the crowds. We were meeting up with Piper and Lindsay and this is what we had to push our way through to find them. Ai carumba!

Once we were all together, it was time to start running! We stayed together through mile 5, I ran alone for a couple of miles, taking in all of the awesome San Francisco scenery,  and then Caitlin found me at mile 9 which was AWESOME. Caitlin and I finished side by side {holding hands, I am pretty sure… she was a real encouragement to me, especially toward the end!} and ran an awesome race. My official finishing time was 2:32 and I’m totally proud of that. This course is super hilly, so to come in that close to my personal best is a real accomplishment. Yay us!

Once the race was over, the real fun began. First I almost broke into hysterics as we crossed the finish line because I had pushed myself so hard and was just SO glad to be done. I can’t wait to see the pictures the race photographers captured of that lovely moment… oh dear. Just a few seconds later, the tears subsided as all we could see were hundreds of firemen with Tiffany boxes. There was no longer any reason to cry.

We grabbed ourselves a necklace, got our official finisher T-shirts, inhaled a couple of bottles of water, and scrubbed our sweaty faces at the wash station.

*side note* this is what caitlin looks like after every run. like she just had her hair done and is heading out for a latte.  it’s ridiculous how naturally glam this girl is. *end of side note*

Here are all four of us past the finish line, showing off our bling boxes.

It was such fun and an awesome blessing to get to run with these girls. Great job, ladies! We killed it!

Half Marathon Training : The Last Days

Three more short runs! That’s all I have left until race day!

I don’t know why I’m SO excited about this race. I’ve ran a lot of races, but this one is just so fun. I think I’m excited to get to go on a mini vacation, spend some time with friends, and be in my home state.  I mean really, I am SOOOO excited!!!!!

With less than a week left, the only runs I have to do are a set of sprints, a two miler, and a three miler. Then it’s rest rest rest and pack for San Francisco. Oh, and figure out what I’m going to wear on race day. I figure we have to have a “Half Marathon Fashion” post, right?

Here are this past week’s running stats, for those interested:

Sunday: hike! {this was pretty fun since I haven’t hiked in forever. it was fun to use my legs for something other than running.}
Monday: 3 miles
Tuesday: skipped it! whoops!
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: 5 miles, 10:10 pace
Friday: day off
Saturday: 10 miles, 1:46 including all water and “chew” breaks

I’m pretty happy with how my training has gone, and am planning on sticking with this training program after the race to try to improve my time more than I already have.

That’s it for now. Gotta go sell some chicken!


Two Weeks To Go

My half marathon is two weeks away! Less than two weeks, technically. And today I am feeling: TIRED.

I totally skipped my run today. I was supposed to do sprints, but instead I’m making ratatouille and about to open a bottle of wine recommended to me by Bon Appetit. I am deciding this is ok.

I’ll let you know how the ratatouille turns out. It’s my first attempt. I’m kind of excited!

Back to the upcoming race…

Last week’s runs were as follows:

Sunday: 3 miles, no watch
Monday: 3 miles, 9:40 pace
Tuesday: 1/4 mile uphill sprints {SO!HARD!}
Wednesday: 3 miles, no watch but it felt fast!, 50 push ups
Thursday: 5 miles, 10:10 pace
Saturday: 11 miles, 10:26 pace

This was a great week of running. It has everything to do with the weather, and a little bit to do with me having a good week and looking outside of myself and my sorrows. Sometimes you just need to get your sadness out, wallow in it, and then do something for somebody else. I am grateful for a great week, for an encouraging and funny husband, and for a great and forgiving God.

Have an awesome night, guys!


Half Marathon Training: Update Number Five

It is 10:48pm on Friday night and I really should be sleeping. The thing is, I’m not tired. Glenn is out of town and whenever he’s gone I find it takes a lot longer for me to chillax and get to sleep. Earlier this summer when he was on a trip, 2:30am became my normal bedtime. I’m hoping to fall asleep earlier than that tonight… mostly because I have my second ten miler tomorrow! And with that, an update on the half marathon training.

Let it be known, as one of my lovely readers pointed out, that the training schedule I am following is quite aggressive. If you are training for your first half marathon, please do not follow what I’m doing. I specifically chose this program because it was for the advanced runner who wants to increase speed. That’s me! 🙂 And if you’re wondering which program it is, it’s Hal Higdon’s . He has great programs for beginner and intermediate runners, too.

This week’s runs:

Saturday: 10 miles, 1:46 {that’s a 10:36 pace if you were curious}.
Sunday: 3 mile power walk.
Monday: 3 mile run, 9:30 pace. 50 push ups.
Tuesday: 4 x 1/4 mile sprints followed by 1 x 1 mile sprint.
Wednesday: skipped my workout! Ah! Woopsie! It’s ok. I needed a day off.
Thursday: 5 mile “run”. NOT pretty. Stopped like 5 times. Walked over a mile of it. I don’t know WHAT was going on with my body, but I was never more happy to be finished with 5 miles. When I was running, I was going a 10 minute pace. When I was walking, I was not going a 10 minute pace.

Tomorrow I face another 10 miles, and I’m excited about it. I am hoping to maybe {real big maybe} improve my time from last week.  This week was kind of a stressful one, and filled with all sorts of sadness, excitement, and anxiety.  I know my emotional health affects my running greatly, so I’m happy with the week’s runs considering all of that. Yay for a new week!

Have a great weekend, all! And if you’re reading this on Friday night… why aren’t we hanging out??!!


Half Marathon Training : Update Number Three

The half marathon is exactly one month away. 4 weeks. 31 days. And instead of fear, dread, terror, and hysteria – I’m actually feeling rather excited!

Here are this week’s stats, as best as I can remember them.

Saturday: 8 mile run, 10:25 pace
Sunday: 3 mile easy run, 10:30 pace
Monday: 3 mile run, 9:59 pace. I was supposed to do push ups, too, but I didn’t. Woops-y-daisy.
Tuesday: (4) x 1/2 mile sprints at 8:57 pace.
Wednesday: 3 mile run, 9:25 pace. 50 push ups.
Thursday: 3 mile run at 11:40 pace, then another 3 mile run at 9:26 pace. The first one was more fun, if you were wondering.

Today is my day off and I could not be more excited about having a day to rest my little leggies and eat ice cream! Tomorrow is the big 10 miler. I’m kind of nervous but the weather has been so lovely lately {SEVENTY DEGREES, people! I am officially in Heaven!} I think I’ll be a-ok.

My running adventures next week will {hopefully} include a trip to the athletic shoe shop for new sneaks. I will be sure to bring my camera along so you can share in the excitement!

Happy Friday, my lovelies!


So This is What It’s Come to

Glenn is out of town. I’m having fun and keeping myself distracted with really awesome stuff.  Awesome stuff like Shark Week, running, and The Bachelorette.

Let’s start with Shark Week. One of my favorite weeks ever because, come on, it’s just so fun to watch sharks chomp seals in half, and I can’t turn away when they do the dramatic re-enactments of people losing limbs!

So far no one I know in Little Rock seems as obsessed with Shark Week as I am, so I didn’t have a reason to make these awesome cupcakes. Next year.

Next up is running. Kill me now. It’s 105 degrees every single day and the “heat index” makes it 115. What the hades is a “heat index” and WHYYYYY does it need to make it feel TEN degrees hotter?? Here’s what’s funny:  I honestly used to think running in anything over 80 degrees was horrible and way too hot. HONESTLY. So for my friends who are still living it up in Southern California, let me describe what running in 105 degrees with one million percent humidity is like.

Picture yourself in a sauna. A really hot sauna. Like you’re in there and they just sprayed the eucalyptus oil but you don’t even care because you can’t breathe it’s so hot. You are covered in sweat, contemplating pulling an Elaine and walking around the sauna in your birthday suit. Then someone tells you to start sprinting.

THAT is what running in 105 degrees is like. Who wants to join me???!!!

Lastly, and I’m sorry it has come to this but I just have to be vulnerable in this safe space called the internet … the last 48 hours have been filled with excessive amounts of The Bachelorette.

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read this if you haven’t watched it and want to because I’m totally going to give it all away.

Here is what needs to be said about The Bachelorette season finale:


Here is what needs to be said to Ben:

Find Jesus and then call Kristin’s Dating Service.  I have a couple of lovely ladies that would be a great addition to your amazeballs Sonoma life. Also, you’re better than JP. In all ways.

Here is what needs to be said to everyone on Reality TV, and especially everyone on The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, or Bachelor Pad {what has my life come to}:

STOP GETTING VENEERS. They look awful. They look fake. They are too white. They are too straight. And you lick your teeth every 5 seconds which is really creeping me out. I would *almost* rather see someone with a set of British teeth than see another set of veneers. ICK!

How was your weekend??