The Five Experiment

It’s April and I’m doing an experiment on myself.

The Five Experiment.

It involves me, my running shoes, and hard work.

It all started last weekend when Kimberly and I were riding bikes and spending the afternoon in Santa Monica. Aren’t we cute?

As we were walking around and buying kelly-green shorts {we love us some colorful shorts!}, we saw a handful of exceptionally lean and fit runners. I have always wanted to ask a lean runner what their workout and eating routine is. And by “lean runner” I don’t mean like an Olympian from Kenya. Just a regular old “lean runner.”

At any rate, while Kimberly and I were discussing how often one would have to run to become the “lean runner” type, I threw out the idea of running five miles five times a week as an experiment on my own body.

So I’m doing it.

For the next month I will be running five miles five times a week. I did a couple of practice runs last week and was impressed with my times.

Go me! Quite frankly I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to finish the runs, so the fact that I did both of them at an under 10 minute pace was super encouraging.

Today I ran my first official 5 miles for the experiment. It didn’t go quite as well as last week’s runs.

There aren’t really any great excuses I can give you for why today’s run was so much slower — it was noon on the hottest day of the week, but really I just chose to not push myself as hard as I could have. So tomorrow, tomorrow, I will push a little harder.

High Fives all around!