A Few Pregnancy Favorites :: The Style Edition

I only have a couple of months of pregnancy left {!!!!!!!!!}, so I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I have been wearing and enjoying during this pregnancy. Before I go on, however, did I ever show you guys the Pinterest cake I attempted, which is how we told our parents the baby is a boy?? It did not turn out as cute as on Pinterest, HOWEVER, I still thought it was pretty clever.



Back to styling the bump.

At this point the most difficult things have been sleep and finding clothes that I both like and fit me well. I have wondered whether my belly itself is a little larger with this baby than it was with Branch. The rest of my body is virtually the same as during my last pregnancy, but I think because Branch was on the smaller side, my prego belly *might* get bigger this time, especially these last couple of months. We will see. I also realized that the last couple of months of my pregnancy with Branch were in the winter, whereas we are clearly nowhere near winter now… so I have had to basically buy myself an entirely  new wardrobe. 🙂

I have found most of my maternity clothes at Target, A Pea In the Pod, and Anthropologie. No, Anthro does not sell maternity clothes, however everything there is super flowy so most of it works with “the bump”. A Pea In the Pod is INSANELY overpriced, but I do love it. Their clothes are just a million times cuter and more flattering on me than any other maternity shops I have been to, and I try to shop their sale rack when possible to make it at least within the realm of affordability. Target has great end-of-pregnancy dresses and shirts, in my opinion. Their stuff is a little too big for early pregnancy, but now that I am growing growing growing I find their dresses are very belly-flattering!

For working out, I haven’t purchased any maternity specific workout clothes. I already had a good amount of Lulu taking over my closet, so I have just been wearing all my same stuff from right before I got pregnant. The shorts don’t work anymore, but the pants, tanks, and sports bras are all still great. Stretchy material is my friend!!!!

Without further adieu, here are a few photos of outfits I have worn the past few months.




Yes that is a cover-up that says “Beach Bump”. I couldn’t resist!


This was about 2 months ago when my belly was still a little smaller! 🙂



As far as shoes are concerned, so far I have been able to wear all of my same shoes I wore before getting pregnant. Just this past week I noticed a little bit of swelling in my feet {I blame this INSANELY HOT and muggy weather San Diego is having!}, so I am sure I will have to say goodbye to some of my shoes shortly. I ordered my first pair of Tieks ballet flats, and am planning on wearing those almost daily until this child comes. So far I really like them and would say they are hands down the most supportive ballet flat I have ever worn. Highly recommend, especially for pregnant ladies who have to wear somewhat dressy shoes to work!


Finally, a word about jewelry. I know plenty of pregnant gals who do not have to stop wearing their wedding rings, even when hugely pregnant. I made it to about 7 months with no problems, but then my fingers started to swell up a little bit, and so I decided to say goodbye to my wedding rings for a few months. I didn’t like the idea of not wearing anything on my ring finger, so I found this simple gold band with crystals at Nordstrom! I love it, and it’s nice that I don’t have to worry about losing it or ruining it since it isn’t the “real deal”.


That’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed this fun little afternoon post.

Happy holiday weekend, all! Yay America! Yay Independence Day! Yay an extra day off work!


Currently Obsessing Over

These are a few of my favorite things.

1. Downton Abbey.

Who isn’t obsessed with this show? I don’t know. What I do know is I LOVE every second!

2. Crushed ice.

It’s just plain better than regular ice. Come to Chick-fil-A Encinitas and you will get all the crushed ice you could ever want.

3. Picfx – the app.

You can add “light spots” and hearts and all sorts of fun things to photos. Here is our glamour shot from a wedding we attended a few months back. Fancy pants!

4. Navy blue.

My love affair with navy blue has been a constant since about tenth grade. It’s just so darn classy. If I could, I would wear something navy every day. I would probably also decorate my entire house in shades of blue, and maybe even paint all of my furniture blue. But then, if I did that, I would undoubtedly decide there was TOO much blue in my life, and have to pick another color to obsess over.

5. Making Things from Scratch

I spent a few hours on pizza dough last week, made a big batch of granola yesterday morning, tempted fate with Thomas Keller’s Chicken Mar i Muntanya last night, and turned a whole chicken into ten {not quite} perfect pieces. The Kristin that spends a lot of time in the kitchen is back!

6. And finally, something I am obsessed with but don’t own {yet}. Superga sneakers. I’ve had my eye on these for about a year and am finally pulling the trigger. I am debating between light pink or a neutral green. Which do you prefer?

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 9.38.54 AM

Talk to you soon — hopefully sooner than a month!


Jean Skirt

I’m wearing a jean skirt today.

Is it 1997? No. Is it 2003? Also a no. But I think I’m still ok wearing it.

Are jean skirts coming back or is this a huge no-no for fall? Speak truth into my life. I’m looking at you, Elle Webb Style.

Jean skirt: JCrew, Top: One September {found at Anthropologie}, Necklace: Target, Cardigan: Nordstrom BP, Belt: Gap, Watch: Michael Kors, Shoes: Tory Burch

It should be noted that taking self-portraits of an entire outift is REALLY difficult. I’m impressed that I managed to do it at all, and am therefore ok with the fact that every single shot I got is beyond awkward and also moderately unflattering. That’s just life when you’re a one-man show.

It should also be noted that I need a haircut – and I think I need to add some highlights, too. I’ve never dyed my hair. Will highlights ruin me? These are life issues I need to get to the bottom of.

Happiest of Mondays,


ps. As I read over this as one last edit before hitting “post” I am questioning everything about my outfit and these photographs. Aaah! Insecurity! The fact of the matter is: this is what I’m wearing today, and this is what I look like. If I only post pictures where I look incredibly slim and fashion forward – that’s not really posting picture of me. So here I go. Ready? One, two, three. POST.

Dinner Date in Encinitas

Last weekend we had dinner in Encinitas.

We love our future home! Look… here is our future restaurant. Great foundation, wouldn’t you say?

Evenings have still been rather cool, so I decided to turn my maxi dress into a maxi skirt by wearing button-down over it.

Dress: H & M, Shirt: Gap, Necklace: Invisible Children, Handbag: Longchamp, Shoes: Frye.

Until next time,


Fashion Post :: Interview Style

I have been MIA for a few days… I think you all forgive me because I think you all know how my life was turned upside down and still feels like I’m living inside some sort of cyclops. INSANITY! Regardless of all that, I’m here now and wanted to share another tidbit from my closet.

The interview outfit.

Glenn and I flew to Atlanta Wednesday morning for a big interview with Chick-fil-A. If you’re wondering if it was nerve-wracking to think about the significance of this interview in our lives — yes, yes it was. If you’re wondering if the Chick-fil-A home office is as amazing as you imagine – yes, yes it is. If you’re wondering if outfit selection was ridiculously important when thinking about this day — let me just say I spent hours upon hours at Nordstrom and The Rack to make sure I had the perfect look.

All in the name of The Interview, of course.

Dress: Milly {found in the designer section at The Rack}, Jacket: Gibson {Nordstrom}, Tights: my own, Shoes: Merona by Target, Camisole: 3 Dot {Nordstrom}, Bracelets: Betsey Johnson {Dillards}, Necklace: fake pears from the thrift store, Nametag: Chick-fil-A.

All photographs courtesy of Glenn’s phone.

Happy Friday, friends! My awesome friend Caitlin {remember, the one I ran the Nike Half with in San Francisco? She literally held my hand across the finish line?? Yea, her!} is coming up to Hermosa Beach to visit today and I am SO excited. Yippee!



ps. haven’t heard anything about the “job” we were interviewing for yet, but I will be sure to keep you all posted!