So This is What It’s Come to

Glenn is out of town. I’m having fun and keeping myself distracted with really awesome stuff.  Awesome stuff like Shark Week, running, and The Bachelorette.

Let’s start with Shark Week. One of my favorite weeks ever because, come on, it’s just so fun to watch sharks chomp seals in half, and I can’t turn away when they do the dramatic re-enactments of people losing limbs!

So far no one I know in Little Rock seems as obsessed with Shark Week as I am, so I didn’t have a reason to make these awesome cupcakes. Next year.

Next up is running. Kill me now. It’s 105 degrees every single day and the “heat index” makes it 115. What the hades is a “heat index” and WHYYYYY does it need to make it feel TEN degrees hotter?? Here’s what’s funny:  I honestly used to think running in anything over 80 degrees was horrible and way too hot. HONESTLY. So for my friends who are still living it up in Southern California, let me describe what running in 105 degrees with one million percent humidity is like.

Picture yourself in a sauna. A really hot sauna. Like you’re in there and they just sprayed the eucalyptus oil but you don’t even care because you can’t breathe it’s so hot. You are covered in sweat, contemplating pulling an Elaine and walking around the sauna in your birthday suit. Then someone tells you to start sprinting.

THAT is what running in 105 degrees is like. Who wants to join me???!!!

Lastly, and I’m sorry it has come to this but I just have to be vulnerable in this safe space called the internet … the last 48 hours have been filled with excessive amounts of The Bachelorette.

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read this if you haven’t watched it and want to because I’m totally going to give it all away.

Here is what needs to be said about The Bachelorette season finale:


Here is what needs to be said to Ben:

Find Jesus and then call Kristin’s Dating Service.  I have a couple of lovely ladies that would be a great addition to your amazeballs Sonoma life. Also, you’re better than JP. In all ways.

Here is what needs to be said to everyone on Reality TV, and especially everyone on The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, or Bachelor Pad {what has my life come to}:

STOP GETTING VENEERS. They look awful. They look fake. They are too white. They are too straight. And you lick your teeth every 5 seconds which is really creeping me out. I would *almost* rather see someone with a set of British teeth than see another set of veneers. ICK!

How was your weekend??