Favorite Things – July 2011

How it’s almost August 2011 is beyond me. I feel like it was just August 2006 and I was getting ready to get married. Now all my friends are having babies and I’m this close to old. Actually, I take that back. Thirty is nowhere near old. Sixty is old… Mom.


And with that slap in the face to the woman who raised me, let’s get to Favorite Things July.

The Longchamp Tote.

This is mine. It is green. Green is extremely versatile, believe it or not. I bought this bag in the early spring of 2004 at Picadilly Circus in London. Should have bought it in Paris at the flagship store, I know, but London’s pretty good, right? Navy blue and hot pink are other favorites of mine, but green will always be the winner. You can find one stateside at Nordstrom, or other fine retailers.

The Library.

Here’s why the library is fabulous: you can check out loads of books for free. {Unless, of course, you forget to return them on time, in which case that will be 60 cents per day, please.} Technically the library isn’t free, since you have no choice but pay for it out of your taxes, which is all the more reason to go! You better believe I am milking the Arkansas library for all it’s worth considering they took a BAJILLION dollars in taxes from us for the TWO MONTHS we lived here in 2010.

I have been eyeing both of these books at Barnes and Noble but have never had an extra $30 lying around for books {since Arkansas took all my money!}. Now they are both ALL MINE until August 25th!

Homemade Chicken Stock.

Read this. Then make it for yourself. It’s seriously so good.

Ben F. on The Bachelorette.

How have we not talked about The Bachelorette yet? I mean really, it’s way too fun. Every year I swear I’m over it. Every year I roll my eyes and am sick of the drama. Then every year I laugh my head off with the crazy girls I watch it with, make fun of the awkward TV romances, and wind up really liking some of the contestants. This year Ben F. has been my favorite since the beginning. He’s silly, he’s nice, he opened up about his Dad’s death, he’s from Sonoma, and he’s a winemaker. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG HERE?

Despite the fact that, no matter who Ashley picks, there is no way they will last, Ben F. seems like the type it would be worth spending time with. And Ashley thinks every wine tastes like “his” wine, so he could clearly spend some time teaching her the ways of the grape… there, I have the first 2 months of their relationship planned out already!

Chick-fil-A Oatmeal.

Chick-fil-A, you’ve done it again. How is this oatmeal the best oatmeal in life ever? And I know oatmeal!  Remember when I wrote an entire blog post about oatmeal? There is honestly only one oatmeal I’ve ever had that is better, and it’s only available in like 1/48 of the country. {It’s Jamba Juice’s, FYI.}

This oatmeal is hearty, flavorful, and healthy. If you eat it plain it’s 120 calories. Add the brown sugar/cinnamon mix and it’s 150. You can also add in the nuts and berries, but I like it best with just the brown sugar/cinnamon. Plus that keeps it on the lighter side. Go to your local Chick-fil-A and order the oatmeal stat.

That’s it for July. Who’s ready for the Sports Bra Challenge today???


June 2011 Favorite Things

Oh my goodness the month of June has really slipped away from me. Better get the Favorite Things in before it’s too late! I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats waiting to see what makes the list this month, so here we go.

1. Rhubarb.

Now that I finally found it in AR, I can’t get enough. Remember the rhubarb pie? Next up I think I’ll try my hand at Gabby Delkin’s Rhubarb Margaritas.

2. Rainy Days.

It’s raining today and I am NOT complaining. I have decided that, as long as I live in Arkansas, I will not complain about the rain again UNLESS {and this is a big unless} it floods my apartment {again}. I am honestly considering today, a rainy day with a low of 70 and a high of 91, a gift from God specifically given with me in mind.

I was having a REALLY hard time with the summer heat. I’m talking a throw-in-the-towel, put-a-fork-in-me-I’m-done, there’s-no-point-in-getting-out-of-bed hard time. It wasn’t pretty. Yes there were other factors that had {have} me bummin, but the heat was a biggie. The cool rain and temporary drop in temperature was just what I needed to be able to get outside, run my little heart out, and be grateful for the life I have been given.

Also, I get to wear my galoshes when it rains.

3. Coupons.

You guys. You have got to start couponing. I had never done it before, and by no means am I an “extreme couponer” but EVERY WEEK I have saved a minimum of $20. This week I only spent $30 on groceries. It’s usually hard for me to spend less than $100.

Here are the two things you need to do to save yourself some money with coupons:

1. Buy yourself a Sunday paper and clip all the coupons. That’s right, ALL of them.

2. Only use the coupon when there’s a store special on the item, so you’re getting a super deal. For example, when Kroger runs a special on Magnum bars so they’re $3.49 instead of $3.99, use your $1.00 off Magnum coupon then, so you’re getting $1.50 off!

4. LOFT 4″ Twill Shorts.

Currently on sale for $25, these shorts are the bomb dot com. Seriously. I would like them in every color {except for that weird orangey-yellowey-browney one} but only have them in white right now. Next on the list is grey. And after that, blue. Then pink. Then khaki. You get the idea.

These shorts are the ideal length: not so long that it looks like you’ve given up on life, not so short that you are showing the world what the world has no interest in seeing {ahem, 17 year old girls sitting across from me at Panera}. As for sizing, I find they run very true to size and don’t really stretch out very much while wearing, which is nice.

That’s all for this month’s installment of Favorite Things. Hope you all have a lovely day. I will be soaking up all the rain I can get!


Currently Obsessing Over…

Today is a busy day, filled with lots of Lululemon wearing activities like brining chickens, cleaning up the house for our guests {we’re having a dinner party!}, trying my hand at a lattice-top strawberry rhubarb pie {oh my!}, and filling my gullet with nothing but egg whites and vegetables because all I ate yesterday were cheez-it’s and ritz bits.

Busy day, I say! But before I dive into all of that, I wanted to share my new obsession. I simply can’t get enough, and I think you should probably go get some for yourself immediately.

Bronzer! That’s right… for your face!

I’ve never used bronzer before, mostly because I never really wore make-up before, but also because I have ZERO desire to look like I spent half my life at Malibu Tan.

Enter Sephora gift card. I had no idea what to use this gift card for, so I brought my make-up expert, #3, with me. I told her I wanted something that I would love, something that would be easy to use but help me feel glamorous, and something I would truly use every day instead of 2 times a year when I go to a fancy wedding {I’m looking at you, smoky eyes!}.

#3 recommended bronzer.

“What? A bronzer? Really? You use it every day? But you don’t look like a Snooki wannabe! Oh, you just put a little on your cheekbones? Hmm, let me try.”

One gift card and several more dollars later, the Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer was in my posession.

I looooovvvveeee it. I use it every single day and it’s really helping me step into the “I’m almost 30, I should pretend like I care about looking put together!” mantra I have been preaching.

You can get some of this amazing bronzer at your local Sephora, or order it for your little lady here.

And with that, I’m off to cook all day for our first official dinner party in Little Rock… exciting even though it’s for Kimberly’s friends and not friends of my own. Still working on that whole “bloom where you’re planted” thing. More updates coming soon.

Love to you all!


Favorite Things: May 2011

Thank you all so much for the kind comments on my Success post. I really appreciate them, and am so grateful to be surrounded by a wonderful community who wishes only good things for one another. Truly, thank you.

I contemplated titling this post “Favorite Things: Summer” but it’s technically not summer.

Unless you’re in the lovely Little Rock area, where it’s 95 degrees and 300 percent humidity.

In honor of the excessive heat, which I am told is just the beginning and to which everyone around me says “Just you wait!” I bring you the May edition of Favorite Things.

1. Men’s Deodorant.

#3 has worn men’s deodorant for a while now. I always thought it was strange but she claims it works better. Secret is more my style. You know, strong enough for a man but made for a woman? Well, the other day I decided to make life exciting and use Mr. G’s deodorant. I told him not to worry about us smelling the same, because the scent would change on each of us depending on the natural oils of our skin.

That’s what they tell you at perfumeries when they are trying to sell you and your bestie the same frangrance.

I was surprised at how fabulous I smelled with men’s deodorant. Occasionally I would turn around and wonder if Glenn was next to me, but no it was not him, it was just my fresh and manly armpits! Awesome.

2. Dry Shampoo.

Have I already talked about this? I should really keep track of my favorite things more closely. Even if I did already talk about it, it deserves another run. This stuff is mind-blowingly great. And I’ll let you all in on a secret: all those girls with “hot” hair, the ones you think spend hours and hours and hours primping and curling even though they say they just rolled out of bed {LIARS!}: they don’t wash their hair every day! They probably wash their hair 3 times a week. 4 max. You heard it here first: wash your hair less, use dry shampoo more. You will have hot hair.

3. Cupcake Toppers.

Image by Shimmer Ink.

I am helping throw a baby shower for a dear friend next weekend, and I think my favorite idea we had was cupcake toppers. I mean look at these things! They are a little bit of work, but they make things so personalized and fun. My friend Carol made some for her little girl Lily’s birthday party, and I’ve also seen a lot of them on various party blogs I’ve been looking at.

4. Restaurant Lists.

Mr. G and I are headed to San Diego {yippee!} next week for a short visit. In anticipation of our trip home, we have been making a list of things we must eat while there. You would think, for two food lovers, that the list would consist of at least a few “nicer” restaurants, but no. So far we have: In-N-Out, Trujillo’s Taco Shop, Miguel’s, Bread and Cie, Bronx Pizza. My mouth is watering.

5. Sparkly Shoes.

I just got these and I loooovvveee them. I mean I REALLY am trying to figure out a way to wear them with everything I own. I feel like they are the toned down, affordable version of the Christian Louboutin’s SJP wore as Carrie.  Am I right?

Hope you all have a LOVELY weekend, filled with clean-smelling pits and sparkly shoes.


Favorite Things April 2011

I have experienced a few things this week every day this week that I have never experienced before.  And when I say never, I mean NEVER IN MY TWENTY NINE YEARS. Never ever ever ever ever. Until now. When my life has somehow turned into a Middle America thunderstorm.

I took this picture of the TV a few moments ago. See that bright red part? The part that says “SEVER WEATHER!” That’s my neighborhood. We have gone from Tornado Watch to Tornado Warning to Tornado Sirens to Tornado Emergency. What. The. Hail. {sorry. I had to. it’s been hailing like mad! golf-ball sized hail.} I have a completely new understanding of the sweet childhood phrase “April showers bring May flowers.” The only problem is all those early blossoming “May flowers” are getting trounced on by excessive rain, hail, and lightning, then not-so-politely ripped out of the ground by tornadoes!

I am officially sick of weather. And with that, my friends, I bring you this month’s installment of Favorite Things.

1. Hunter Rain Boots

I do not own these boots.  I put together a list of reasons why I should own them and handed it to Glenn last week. Top of the list? Princess Diana wore them often. Every other reason? See the 3 paragraphs above.  I wear a size 7 and have my eye on the green ones. They are available at Nordstrom and Zappos.com. This has been a public service announcement. *Side note: I realize I am breaking a Favorite Things rule by not actually owning the boots. I apologize. It was necessary.*

2. Brown mustard

I’ve always been a Dijon loyalist, but the brown varietal has crept up on my list of yummies lately. The other day my lunch consisted of a cup of soup and a sliver of baguette that I tore up into teensy tinsy pieces and dipped in brown mustard. It was delicious.

3. The Weepies

I am so not musically cool, it’s painful. I am pretty sure everyone who knows anything about music has been a fan of The Weepies for years now, but I just discovered them and it’s making me happy! Another new musical discovery? The Head and The Heart. Oh me oh my I am in love.

4. Magnum Bars

Memory: We would ride our bikes around the Old Danube; up and down and up and down, Mom and Dad doing their best to guide us away from the French (aka topless) parts of the strand.  Halfway through our bike ride, we would find an ice cream stand, where we could each pick out any kind of ice cream bar our little hearts desired. The Magnum bar was at the very bottom of the menu. It was the most expensive, but also the best. Pure vanilla ice cream covered in a thick, rich Belgian chocolate that would drip down my arm on those particularly warm days. Summer had arrived.

These fabulous bars were recently discovered on US soil in none other than my local Walmart. Be still my beating heart.

Love and excessive amounts of cheek kisses to all of you.


Favorite Things – March 2011

Yesterday morning #3 and I went on a little hike. There is a beautiful mountain just 10 minutes from our apartment which offers a nice change to the workout regime. On this morning’s hike, just as we got to the bottom of the hill, a woman was heading up with her 3 dogs. One woman. Three dogs. All yapping really loud. Piercingly loud. “That is precisely why I love cats.” Kimberly said to me. I couldn’t agree more. And with that, my friends, I bring you the March installment of Favorite Things.

1. Cats.

In the agelong fight of dog vs. cat, the cat will always win my heart. The only exception to this rule is cats in heat, a horrible thing no human should ever live through. Pause for public service announcement: SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS!

The picture above one of my family’s former cats, Cleo. She is very fluffy and very sweet, as most cats are.

2. Offset spatulas.

How did I ever survive without this spatula? I mean REALLY, so great. The offset spatula has changed my cake-decorating alter ego forever. Do you think the 14 layer cake would have been as beautifully frosted had I not had this baby? Or what about this photo of a chocolate cake #3 made the other day? A regular old spatula could not have ever made it look so pretty.

3. Blue nail polish.

I bought this Essie Coat Azure polish the other day and am pretty sure my nails will remain this color until July. It’s perfect for spring.

4. New bloggy friends.

In recent months I have made several new blog friends and I absolutely adore them! First there was AMY over at Do You Know The Muffin Pan. She is both sweet and funny, almost everything she makes is in a muffin pan (awesome), and she lives just a few blocks from my in-laws which will make regular luncheons quite convenient when I’m back in the SD.

Around the same time I “met” Amy, I also met Lori aka Recipe Girl who has to be the most well-known San Diego food blogger around. Her blog is really fun and she is always featuring fabulous foods… PLUS she has a MASSIVE collection of links to recipes, including loads of healthy/Weight Watchers recipes. I also love Recipe Girl because she asked me to lunch via twitter, and even though I live far away and can’t meet her in person until the Good Lord brings me back to the sunshine, I was tickled pink by her interest in meeting me.

Most recently, I made a new friend in Jenn of Eating Bender. I found her site because of a Whole Foods contest I am *attempting* to make a video for, and she just seems like someone I would click with, even in real life. 🙂 I love reading her stories, and, on a completely random note – I really like her hair.

And finally, there is the hope of someday becoming friends with some other “star” bloggers. Jenna at my new obsession  Eat Live Run who, based on every one of her posts, reads my mind; Amanda at Kevin and Amanda who honestly seems like the world’s NICEST female (I couldn’t say person, because as we all know, that spot has already been filled by my husband); and of course my dream: being invited to Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond’s ranch to share a meal and a few laughs.

5. Celine Dion. {Don’t hate me!}

The famed Canadian Toothpick won me over with “Because You Loved Me” back in the 90’s. She beat her chest while performing “My Heart Will Go On” in the height of Leo and Kate’s Titanic love. Until now I have been too embarrassed to admit I’ve listened to her Greatest Hits album since the day it came out. And most importantly: in exactly 3 days I will be seeing her perform in Vegas, where, rumor has it, she has added a Michael Jackson tribute to the set list. I. can’t. wait.

See you all on the flip side. Or tomorrow. Whichever comes first.


The Art of Letter Writing

I love letters. I love writing them. I love reading them. And I love stationary. Writing and reading letters takes me back to my youth – a time when we had only one family computer and it was such a process to connect to the internet that pen and paper was my primary form of communication.

On a recent visit to Marblehead – a sweet coastal town outside of Boston- we found a little stationary shop and I purchased this great letter-writing set.

Isn’t it precious? Look at the beautiful design on the back! Wouldn’t you love opening a letter that looked like this?

May your day be filled with love, friendship, and maybe even a letter!

Favorite Things – February 2011

Inspired mostly by recent episodes of Oprah’s “Behind the Scenes” series – which airs on Friday nights on OWN in case you, like me, have nothing to do on Friday nights but watch the Oprah network… anyway, in light of this, I am adding a new category to the blog: Favorite Things. There’s only one rule: the things I list in Favorite Things have to actually BE favorites of mine, meaning I have to own or have experienced them.

Welcome, friends, to Kristin Eats’ Favorite Things.

1. Banana Republic Boyfriend Jeans

I found these on the sale rack at Banana right before Christmas, as I was shopping for jeans that would come SEVERAL inches higher than my 3 year old Citizens which have given new meaning to the term “low rise.” I don’t know how I ever wore those things – what were we thinking with the barely-cover-your-butt-crack denims we all wore a few years ago?

Finding the Boyfriend’s on sale was great, until I brought them home and realized, within 12 hours, that these were the favorite pair of jeans I had ever owned and worried I had just purchased the last pair to ever be in existence. Not so, friends. They’re back in the store this spring with updated darker colors. Win!

2. Harney & Sons Iced Teas

This is new to me since being in the South and I LOVE it. This iced tea reminds me of my favorite iced tea back home – the Nordstrom Ginger Peach iced tea. While I can’t browse the latest Tory Burch flats and over-priced sheer scarves as salespeople fawn over me demonstrating why it’s worth paying twice as much to shop at Nordstrom, I CAN sip on pure bliss while I drive around town as there are several Little Rock spots that serve Harney & Sons. Fresh, lightly flavored, good for you; if you enjoy iced tea as much as I do I would *highly* recommend clicking on the Amazon link below and buying some of this for yourself. Any flavor is great.

To buy: Harney and Sons Pomegranate Oolong Iced Tea

3. Chick-fil-A Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich with Pepper-jack

Sometimes you just need to spice it up, and the addition of pepper-jack cheese to the CFA Chargrilled sandwich does. the. trick. I mean honestly, as #3 and I were discussing yesterday, it’s TOTALLY worth the extra 100 calories. Still low fat and relatively low calorie, add on a side salad and an Arnold Palmer, dip in every sauce on the menu, and you have a lunch you will adore.

4. Survivor

Nerd Alert! I used to dog Survivor because I genuinely thought it was SO lame and pointless, but for the past few seasons I have loooovvveeeddd it! Jeff Probst cracks me up, you get to see humanity at its best and worst, and watching people compete for a million dollars in their underwear is just plain fascinating. As the Bachelor gets more lame every week, Survivor gets more fun.

5. Moleskine Passions Journals

Love of my life since the ever-amazing Mr. G purchased these for me for Christmas. I got the Recipe, Wine, and Wellness journals (they also offer books, music, and film) and they’ve changed my life for the better. I wrote my friend Erin an e-mail consisting ENTIRELY of why these journals were a necessity and how she needs to get them ASAP. Then I told her I’d send her one and am now realizing I never did that — here’s to calling yourself out on the internet. Sorry Erin!

So basically what these journals offer is a place for you to record, keep track of, monitor, observe, note, stick stickers onto, and journal about things that are important to YOU. The one I use the most is my Wellness journal and it has been MASSIVELY INFLUENTIAL in my weight loss and wellness goals and achievements. Moleskine has always offered fabulous products but these Passions journals really take the cake for me and made me a lifetime raving fan*. (*a little chick-fil-a terminology applied to another brand, for all you CFA lovers reading*)

If you are interested in keeping track of recipes you find online or in magazines, monitoring your health or weight journey, or documenting wines you are collecting and trying (OR if you love books {Mary Moss}, music {Andrew Killion}, or films {Erin Hill}) you MUST MUST MUST buy yourself one of these Passions journals. They are available at Barnes & Noble but I think they’re a little less expensive online so I’ve provided the links for your shopping pleasure.

Moleskine Passions Wellness Journal

Moleskine Passions Wine Journal

Moleskine Passions Recipe Journal

Moleskine Passions Book Journal

Moleskine Passions Film Journal

Hope these favorite things become things you love as well!