Questions, Questions

Warning: this is pretty much blog spam. Or like a recipe forward online. Is there actually anyone who gets great recipes from recipe forwards? I mean really, we’re in the year 2010, you can look up how to make ANYTHING online.

Now that I’ve personally offended anyone who’s ever sent out a forward…it’s time for me to participate! A couple of my super-de-duper cool friends have blogged the answers to various “questions” lately, and a few days ago I was tagged in one of them… meaning, you got it, it’s my turn to answer.  So here we go. I will not be tagging others, but feel free to copy or create your own questions because, come on, it’s kind of fun.

1) What is your idea of a perfect vacation?

There are two things that come to mind immediately: 1. a week in a suite at the hyatt on kaua’i followed by a week at manele bay, daily breakfast buffet at both, with my handsome husband, an unlimited American Express gift card, and the inability to get sunburnt.  2. Going to Europe (any part of it) with said handsome husband.
2) If you could give all of your time and money to any cause, what would it be?

The adoption of unwanted children into Christ-centered homes.

3) How does your personality today compare to your personality when you were a kid?

I am a little more outgoing. Believe it or not, I used to be shy when I first met people.  Other than that, I’m the same nutty classic oldest child/control freak I’ve always been!

4) Describe the best meal you have ever eaten.

The best meal I have ever eaten was either the night I got engaged or my first time at Lupa. The first was a multi-course fabulous evening at The Napa Rose followed by fireworks and thousands of dollars worth of diamonds, the latter a simple bottle of Italian wine and the best spaghetti carbonara one could ever have.

5) Do you have a secret celebrity crush?

It’s not ok, but I have a slight Zefron obsession, and have also been swooning for Chris Pine ever since he swept Anne Hathaway off her feet in The Princess Diaries 2. Yep, I went there.

LIFE: I am grateful.

I’ve been having more “poor me” days than “i am grateful” days lately.  Although I readily jump all over (or roll my eyes at) people who act like martyrs, I think it might be one of those situations where the characteristic you despise in others is actually a MASSIVE PLANK sticking our of your eye. Woopsie!  When things, however big or small, seem like they are headed to hell in a hand-basket (like that 1940’s era phrase?) I have a hard time remembering all the great things I have been given, and reminding myself that the future, indeed, IS bright.

But TODAY — today I am living in gratitude.  For the job I enjoy that allows me to use my strengths, even if it’s in little ways.  For friends who have my back no matter what.  For sister #3 who just moved here from Boston and helps me with the dishes. For my lovely husband who never never never never gives up even when it feels like everything is going wrong.

I, Kristin Murdock, am grateful.