14 Layer Cake

On Monday night I tweeted about making a 14 layer cake for the Bachelor finale. Yes I have been watching The Bachelor {pause for eye roll} and for the finale we hosted a mini party where 10 girls came over and screamed at the TV all night long. The 10 girls also ate, among other things, the 14 layer cake I had made for the occasion.

I wasn’t planning on writing about the cake, primarily because I was only able to snap two photos before it was demolished, neither of which is necessarily internet worthy. HOWEVER, as you may or may not have noticed, yesterday’s perfect oatmeal post garnered a single response from real-life friend Louis {yep, you’re being called out} who demanded more 14 layer details.

Here at Kristin Eats we love our readers, so we have decided to give the readers what they want: 14 Layer Cake.

I started with 14 disposable cake pans. Luckily they were on special at Kroger, so all 14 only cost me $4.

For the recipe, I followed the instructions I found on Bakerella’s site here. As cake #7 was in the oven, I realized I had made kind of a major mistake as I had used a can of evaporated milk instead of the called-for 3 cups of regular milk. Worried it would be ruined forever, but not having enough time or cake pans to do anything about it, I took a bite out of one of the already cooked layers. It was good! Extremely sweet, but melted in my mouth and I figured 10 Bachelor-loving girls were in need of a triple dose of sugar.

I followed the chocolate glaze insturctions to a T, but it didn’t make quite enough to cover the entire thing. Since I knew I would be making a buttercream frosting to cover the cake, I chose to not worry about the sides being covered in glaze. Here are all 14 layers piled on top of each other and covered with chocolate glaze. Kind of looks like 14 huge pancakes.

Finally, I whipped up the chocolate buttercream frosting and used the handy-dandy cake froster Mr. G had purchased for me earlier that day at Bed Bath & Beyond. Thanks, G!

See? 14 Layers of melt in your mouth, evaporated milk and sugary goodness.