LIFE: I am grateful.

I’ve been having more “poor me” days than “i am grateful” days lately.  Although I readily jump all over (or roll my eyes at) people who act like martyrs, I think it might be one of those situations where the characteristic you despise in others is actually a MASSIVE PLANK sticking our of your eye. Woopsie!  When things, however big or small, seem like they are headed to hell in a hand-basket (like that 1940’s era phrase?) I have a hard time remembering all the great things I have been given, and reminding myself that the future, indeed, IS bright.

But TODAY — today I am living in gratitude.  For the job I enjoy that allows me to use my strengths, even if it’s in little ways.  For friends who have my back no matter what.  For sister #3 who just moved here from Boston and helps me with the dishes. For my lovely husband who never never never never gives up even when it feels like everything is going wrong.

I, Kristin Murdock, am grateful.