My New House

Thank you all so much for reading my last post on the diagnosis, and for your kindness and support be it here, on Facebook, or in person. It is truly appreciated.

Last week, or at least I think it was last week… the weeks have been blurring together a bit lately… Glenn and three of our incredible friends {shout out to Ryan, Matt, and Jordan!!!} spent the day cleaning and organizing our house, giving me LITERALLY what feels like an entirely new home.


There are no words.

We had been wanting to clean out the office, move some furniture around, get blinds, swiffer the floors, etc. etc. but with the busyness of the past few weeks, it simply had not happened. I am beyond grateful to these four men for working so hard and giving me one of the best gifts I could imagine: a new house.

And now, for the tour.

Our front door. This is my summer wreath. I like it, mostly because it has beautiful pink flowers on it.


The first room in our house is our living room. We have two couches, both generously given or sold to us at a ridiculously low price by friends. The coffee table used to belong to Glenn’s parents and now belongs to his brother, but he doesn’t have a place for it at the moment so we are using it until he takes it back.

living room

The dining room is attached to the living room, as you can see, and features our lovely dining room table and china cabinet, both wedding gifts from Glenn’s Grandma Murdock.  One of my favorite parts of the room is our large windows, through which I can feel the ocean breeze and watch the hummingbirds and butterflies flutter around all day.

dining room

Walking through the dining room we come upon my favorite new feature: my very own office. It is attached to the kitchen {!!!} and I have a perfect view of the backyard from my desk.

K office

Kitchen. I think I have shown you our kitchen before, but I am not sure when. Please don’t mind the dirty dishes. They are all rinsed, don’t worry. No grody food particles here, just a bunch of dishes waiting to be washed.


On the other side of the house we have the bathroom {not pictured} and then the study. This was the room that took the most work. It was FILLED with unpacked boxes, and had no organization whatsoever. Thanks to some new {to us} furniture given by our friends the Dally’s, we now have a bookcase, a filing cabinet, AND a super comfortable love-seat so we can watch movies or shows on Hulu together.


Finally, our bedroom. Blinds in a bedroom really increase the privacy, if you were wondering. Especially when you are friends with your neighbors, and their front door is five feet from yours. We used to just “risk it” when running from the shower to the bedroom in nothing but a towel, but thanks to the blinds, long gone are those days.


There it is! My new house!  All we need is some more art on the walls, and everything will be perfect!

Words truly can not express how appreciative I am to the four gentlemen who did this for me. It has honestly been life changing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love you four SO much. Three of you in a purely platonic way. One of you, well, you’re stuck with me for life so I love you in all ways. xoxo

Much love,