Jean Skirt

I’m wearing a jean skirt today.

Is it 1997? No. Is it 2003? Also a no. But I think I’m still ok wearing it.

Are jean skirts coming back or is this a huge no-no for fall? Speak truth into my life. I’m looking at you, Elle Webb Style.

Jean skirt: JCrew, Top: One September {found at Anthropologie}, Necklace: Target, Cardigan: Nordstrom BP, Belt: Gap, Watch: Michael Kors, Shoes: Tory Burch

It should be noted that taking self-portraits of an entire outift is REALLY difficult. I’m impressed that I managed to do it at all, and am therefore ok with the fact that every single shot I got is beyond awkward and also moderately unflattering. That’s just life when you’re a one-man show.

It should also be noted that I need a haircut – and I think I need to add some highlights, too. I’ve never dyed my hair. Will highlights ruin me? These are life issues I need to get to the bottom of.

Happiest of Mondays,


ps. As I read over this as one last edit before hitting “post” I am questioning everything about my outfit and these photographs. Aaah! Insecurity! The fact of the matter is: this is what I’m wearing today, and this is what I look like. If I only post pictures where I look incredibly slim and fashion forward – that’s not really posting picture of me. So here I go. Ready? One, two, three. POST.