Ten Things

I read once, I’m pretty sure it was on Jamie’s blog, actually, that the best way to come back to a blog after a significant absence is with a list of ten things. Any type of things. Things you’re into, things you’re doing, things you have noticed.

So here are mine.

1. My god-daughter is precious.

2. A perfect blend of the Coco’s Combo, cheese boards, and a general lack of desire to do anything physically challenging have made it absolutely necessary for me to join Weight Watchers. Anyone else out there doing it?!?

3. The window displays at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus scream fall. It’s awesome! I can’t wait for the weather to cool off and for me to *attempt* fashion once again.

4. I spent a week on a boat with these friends. We slept under the stars, ate lots of otter-pops, and found the greatest hotel Page, AZ had to offer.

5. Hair is over-rated.

6. When you’re used to 73 degrees — 91 is hot.

7. Your husband turning 30 is a really good excuse to throw a big party.

8. Starbucks is better in Japan.

9. Cutting up a chicken is kind of hard. I am determined to be a master at it. I think it will take 20 chickens for me to become proficient, and 50 to be a master. Looks like we will be eating a lot of chicken this fall.

10. This is what public humiliation looks like. This is also what having great sisters looks like.

Happy Monday,