Turkey Tacos… with Lettuce!

This week is cray. And by this week I mean last week and this week and the week after and the week before. Cuh-ray-zay. With all that has been going on, and the Murdock Weight Loss Challenge still looming in the background, I needed a simple, healthy, delicious dinner I could make in approximately 10 minutes.


Turkey Tacos… with Lettuce

Cook one pound of ground turkey over medium-high heat until well-done. Add a combination of cumin, red pepper flakes, garlic, salt, and pepper OR a packet of your favorite taco seasoning. Cut up 4 tomatoes. Shred or crumble some sharp cheddar. Grab a lettuce “cup” {my recommendation would be the “living” lettuce you can find at most supermarkets, but iceberg would work as well}. Fill with 2 spoonfuls of turkey, a handful of tomatoes, and a sprinkling of cheese.

As Ina would say — “How easy is that?!”