Murdock Weight Loss Challenge

What have I gotten myself into?!

I live with my in-laws, and we’re all a little nuts.

We’re also all a little overweight. So we’re challenging each other to lose a pound a week for the next 3 months.

And if we don’t lose a pound a week? We each have a “coach” whose authority we will have to submit to. Mine is Keith-As-I-Live-And-Breathe.

This is motivation enough to lose weight every week.

I mean seriously, if you know Keith you know why I don’t want him telling me what to eat to lose weight. I’d be filling my face with nothing but bell pepper, sunflower seeds, and Michelob Ultra. No. Thank. You.

So here’s a list of things I’m nervous and excited about:

Actually Losing Weight. It took me a YEAR to lose 11 pounds. I’m nervous I won’t be able to do it, even though in my heart of hearts I know I can.
Accountability. It’s gonna be kind of fun to give each other a hard time and also encourage each other when we’re doing well.
Being Hungry. I don’t really like to be hungry. I mean, who does? I know it’s all about making smarter choices, but I’m not necessarily looking forward to the day when I eat a brownie and therefore can not eat dinner. Because I’m pretty sure that day will come.
The Prize. If we all meet our goals, we are going to Disneyland. And again I say: this is motivation enough to lose weight every week.

So here’s what I need from you, my friends: SUPPORT! Help me! Encourage me! Run with me! Bring me new flavors of hummus!

I have three months. Here we go!