Newly Minted Shoes

SO, I’m in the last week of the Five Experiment and I am loving it so far. The first week was intense, the second week was slightly less intense, and then last week it started being awesome. It’s also been really fun to be in San Diego {we’re back! for good!} and have friends who will run with me. Since I’ve been giving shout-out’s to everyone on facebook lately, here is one for Kim and Caitlin who have joined me on many of my runs since moving back. Love running with you ladies! Double shout-out to Kim, who has literally joined me on EVERY run since getting back. Kim, you’ve risen to the challenge and I’m totally impressed!

Now for my fancy new shoes. Since all it feels like I’ve been doing lately is running, I thought it was time for a new pair of kicks. So, naturally, I designed my own.

GET OUT. I know, right?!?

Aren’t they so fun? They are the brightest shoes at the bay every day, and it’s a joy to put them on my feet. I used *almost* every color in the rainbow and also got to add a little inspirational saying on the tongue. My left shoes says: RUNRUN and my right one says KMONEY. Glenn says this to me many times when I am headed out the door, which is an added bonus of having it on my shoe.

I would definitely recommend designing yourself a pair of Nike’s sometime. It is about $30 more than the price of the running shoe, and if you have a Nike store near you they will ship the shoes to the store for free. I designed mine in Santa Monica, but you can do it online from anywhere. Here’s the link if you are ever interested.

Adios for today,