What I Ate This Week

#3 came to visit this week, as did Matt and Jessica and Baby Reagan. I have lots of fun pictures to share with you all, but first — here’s what I ate this week.

Tomato soup at Nordstrom Cafe.

Drunken Noodles with Sandy near Biola. {ps Sandy & I have been meeting for lunch every once in a while and it has been super-de-duper fun! She is slowly introducing me to the world of freaky Asian eats. This Thai food not included. It was in no way freaky.}

Breakfast at the Ocean Diner. Mine is the waffle with fruit, granola, and whipped cream. Because who doesn’t need whipped cream for breakfast?!?

Macarons at Bottega Louie. We went here to celebrate Jessica’s birthday {she had been introduced to it by Erin} and can I just say I. AM. IN. LOVE. Our friend/mentor/former business consultant is coming to town this week and we are taking him here. We loved everything about it and I’ll try to take more pics on Thursday to share all the awesomeness with you. Totally worth 45+ minutes of Los Angeles traffic.

Those are the highlights. And now, I’m headed out for a run. After looking at these pictures, that seems like the only logical thing to do.

Happy Wednesday, hope it’s filled with sunshine!