Back on Track: The Running Game

Are you ready for more running posts? Swift-moving feet are about to take over my life again, so buckle up.

Earlier this week I went out and tried to run the fastest mile I could. You may recall, my fastest mile to date is 7:47 and it earned me fancy socks. It had been a while since said fastest mile, so I decided to go down to the boardwalk and see if I could push myself to run super fast.

Oh my word running fast is hard.

Oh my word running fast on a boardwalk is much harder than on a treadmill.

I did it in 8:15.

Not quite as good as 7:47 but not too far off, so I think I can get there again within the next month or so.

Today is my day off, and tomorrow I attempt 6 miles {my first run over 4 miles since leaving the lovely Keri}.Here are the rest of this week’s running stats:

Monday: 2 miles with Piper, followed by an additional 2 miles of power walking. Walk & Talk & Run. Super fun.
Tuesday: 1 mile at 8:15. Ouch.
Wednesday: Skipped it. {It’s my first week back, give me a break!:)}
Thursday: 4 miles at 9:42 with GMoney.

My goal for next week is to follow the schedule I have set for myself precisely. Anybody in the LA area care to join me?? {Please say yes.}

And because I have no running pictures to share with you, but we all know pictures make blogs way more fun, here are a blurry Glenn and I on Wednesday night when we decided to skip our run and go to Costco to share a slice of pizza and a hot dog. I am so glad to be back in the land of Costco.

Happy Friday, and happy running to my fellow swift-footed friends.