As most of you know, Glenn and I have been working with Chick-fil-A for the past five years, all around the country, with our primary goal being to become Owner/Operators of our own Chick-fil-A restaurant in San Diego. Last week we flew to Atlanta to interview for the Encinitas restaurant which will be opening later this year.

ps. we love Encinitas. I mean L.O.V.E. Luuurrrrve.

I showed you my interview outfit and told you we were excited about the potential opportunity. Then I told you we hadn’t heard whether or not we got the “job” yet. This was all true. Kind of. You see, three weeks prior, I had received a phone call from one of the California Business Consultants. He told me that, as long as the interview went well {no pressure! ha!} they wanted to plan a “life-changing surprise” for Glenn, but I would have to keep it all a secret. Could I make this happen? Would I be able to keep it all in? I gulped, got butterflies in my stomach, and said ‘Let’s do it!’

Glenn was invited to the Chick-fil-A Operator Seminar {an AWESOME event/conference CFA puts on every year for Operators and their spouses} in Orlando as a guest this year. Since we weren’t Operators, however, he couldn’t bring me. He was a little nervous to go, only because he felt like he was in limbo having gone through the interview but not having heard anything yet. He was also a little nervous because only a few days prior to flying to Orlando he had been asked to get up in the West Coast Regional Breakout Session and speak about our friend {and former boss} Matt Hughes, who is the Operator of the San Diego Sports Arena restaurant.

Are you following all of this? It’s kind of confusing, I know. Basically at this point it’s Saturday, Glenn flies to Orlando, leaves me in LA, doesn’t know if he is going to be offered the Encinitas restaurant, and thinks he’s going to have to talk about Matt in front of a bunch of people. Got it?

So HERE is what really wound up happening. It’s a little quiet and at one point all you see is the back of a man’s shirt, but I think you’ll get the basic idea.


We had a BLAST celebrating with all of our friends afterward. I also had a decent time watching TV, reading magazines, and eating off the room service menu during my 24 hours of being cooped up in a hotel room before Glenn could find out I was there. More on that in a separate blog post.

We are SO beyond excited about this opportunity. It is what we’ve been working toward for the past five years, and we just feel overwhelmingly blessed and loved.