I find it quite humorous that my last blog post was titled “Changes” and yet I had NO idea what changes were really in store for me this week!

This is my living room. Well, part of it. The rest is covered in a combination of things yet to be packed, random trash, gummy bears, and love notes I’m writing to my Arkansas friends.

That’s right, kids, we’re moving back to California! Tomorrow!!


I have hoped and prayed, prayed and hoped, stomped on the ground and contemplated rolling myself into a ball and sobbing {on second thought, I think I actually HAVE rolled myself into a ball and sobbed…} for this day to come. And yet, of course, now that it is here, I am overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed with gratitude for all God has given me. Overwhelmed with thanksgiving for our time here in Little Rock. Overwhelmed at the depth of friendship and love I have experienced in the past year and a half. Overwhelmed at the thought of starting again somewhere new. Overwhelmed at how God’s grace is always sufficient for me.

So, now, for the nitty gritty: We will be living in Torrance, CA and working at a Chick-fil-A there for the time being. Our hope is still to be back in San Diego permanently sometime this year, but for now we are SO excited to be closer to home, and to be moving back to the West Coast! Woop-dee-doop!

Oh yea, and I turned 30 yesterday. It was awesome! More on that later.

Love you all, wish me luck with these boxes!