Fancy Fruit Tart

Fruit tarts are so fancy. I feel like, maybe, if fruit tarts had a theme song, it would go something like “ooooh lala, ooooooh lalala…”

I had never made a fruit tart before. It all seemed so complicated: make a perfect shortbread-like crust, whip and whip and whip and whip various creams and eggs until you have something resembling pudding, peel and slice ripe and beautiful fruits and arrange them, somehow, perfectly, so that everyone who sees your fruit tart will think you purchased it from the gourmet grocer.

Much too much effort for some fruit and pudding!

But then I was invited to a dinner party {yippee! we love dinner parties! and we love the people we got to dinner party with this weekend! oh how life would have been different had we met them all a year ago!} and I decided to give the fancy fruit tart a try.

It. Was. Delish.

And not that hard. You just can’t be distracted while whisking the pastry cream — it takes 100% of your focus. Word to the wise.

May today be worthy of a fancy fruit tart!


P.S. I used THIS sweet tart shell recipe and a slight variation of THIS pastry cream recipe.