I was robbed.

Well, technically not ROBBED… but something was stolen from me.

Glenn and I in happier times… before I was robbed. 

It happened this morning. Oh so early. Right around 6:30am. My new BFF/running buddy {hey keri!} and I were almost finished with our run. We had 0.6 miles to go. I was getting really hot and sweaty. I took off my outermost layer and laid it on the grass near where we parked our cars. We ran 0.4 miles and passed by my jacket. It was still laying there, in the grass, enjoying the morning air. I waved hello.

0.2 miles later {that’s less than TWO minutes, people!} my jacket was gone.


Nowhere to be found.

Super gone.


Alas, this now gives me extra reason to ask for this hip happening Lululemon running jacket for my upcoming 30th birthday. Does Santa come on birthdays? I think he should.

Happy Wednesday, friends! Hope nothing is stolen from you today, and word to the wise: keep your jacket on.

ps. Before you get all “you’re an idiot, Kristin” on me: I am fully aware that I am at fault here, since I am the one who took the jacket off and laid it in the grass. I just hope that whoever took it needed a running jacket even more than I do.