Thrifty Thrifty

It’s that time again! Time for a fashion feature. Ooooh baby. Buckle up, kids, this is a good one.

Today’s outfit inspiration comes from a handful of places. First up, Ralph Lauren. More specifically, Oprah’s interview with Ralph Lauren at his ranch during her Farewell Season. Hello. Did you guys see it? Mind blowing!

I have always had a *thing* for RL {I mean come on, he’s like the ultimate American! His son married into the Bush family! His logo is a polo player!} but it wasn’t until watching the interview and seeing a glimmer into his life that Glenn and I decided it was perfectly acceptable to want to be Ralph and Ricky Lauren.

The second inspiration was JCrew and their wall of plaid shirts and boyfriend blazers. The only problem with JCrew? I don’t have $90 for a cotton button-down and I certainly don’t have $400 for a navy blazer that’s supposed to look like something my ex-boyfriend left at my apartment five years ago.

Enter my favorite place in Little Rock, besides Boulevard Bread {of course}: Goodwill.

I! LOVE! THRIFT STORES! Always have. Always will. I also love designers. Labels. Name brand. Always have. Always will. Just ask my Mom. This has been a lifetime obsession, and it goes from sunglasses to unmentionables. It all matters. To me. One would naturally assume, then, that finding designer duds at a thrift store would be a dream come true in the world of Kristin. Oh, and what a dream it is!

Sunglasses: Max Studio {$13 at a consignment shop in Grand Rapids}, Plaid button-down: Tommy Hilfiger (I actually kind of hate TH, but I loved this shirt so I couldn’t resist!) {$3 Goodwill}, Blue Blazer: Claiborne {$5 Goodwill}, Shoes: Tory Burch {$30 Consignment shop in San Diego – I had them re-dyed by a cobbler}, Clutch: Vintage Louis Vuitton {$60 thrift store in San Diego. I follow these guidelines when looking for Louis Vuitton at second hand places. There are way too many fakes out there!}, Jeans: Paige Premium. Unmentionables will remain unmentioned. And no I do not buy those at the thrift store. Gross.

These photos crack me up. Glenn was telling me how to pose and, after looking at the first one said “Now do that again, but look less angry.” Ha!

Go forth and thrift, friends!