Hi Everybody!!

I have officially finished my tenth half marathon! Yippeee!!! These pictures are all from Caitlin’s phone, and you may have seen them on facebook, but I’m posting them here anyway because it’s too exciting not to share. 🙂

We woke up early Sunday morning and found it absolutely necessary to take some Power Pose Pictures before we left the hotel. We’re super fierce. Obviously.

Next it was time to walk to Union Square and brave the crowds. We were meeting up with Piper and Lindsay and this is what we had to push our way through to find them. Ai carumba!

Once we were all together, it was time to start running! We stayed together through mile 5, I ran alone for a couple of miles, taking in all of the awesome San Francisco scenery,  and then Caitlin found me at mile 9 which was AWESOME. Caitlin and I finished side by side {holding hands, I am pretty sure… she was a real encouragement to me, especially toward the end!} and ran an awesome race. My official finishing time was 2:32 and I’m totally proud of that. This course is super hilly, so to come in that close to my personal best is a real accomplishment. Yay us!

Once the race was over, the real fun began. First I almost broke into hysterics as we crossed the finish line because I had pushed myself so hard and was just SO glad to be done. I can’t wait to see the pictures the race photographers captured of that lovely moment… oh dear. Just a few seconds later, the tears subsided as all we could see were hundreds of firemen with Tiffany boxes. There was no longer any reason to cry.

We grabbed ourselves a necklace, got our official finisher T-shirts, inhaled a couple of bottles of water, and scrubbed our sweaty faces at the wash station.

*side note* this is what caitlin looks like after every run. like she just had her hair done and is heading out for a latte.  it’s ridiculous how naturally glam this girl is. *end of side note*

Here are all four of us past the finish line, showing off our bling boxes.

It was such fun and an awesome blessing to get to run with these girls. Great job, ladies! We killed it!