Two Weeks To Go

My half marathon is two weeks away! Less than two weeks, technically. And today I am feeling: TIRED.

I totally skipped my run today. I was supposed to do sprints, but instead I’m making ratatouille and about to open a bottle of wine recommended to me by Bon Appetit. I am deciding this is ok.

I’ll let you know how the ratatouille turns out. It’s my first attempt. I’m kind of excited!

Back to the upcoming race…

Last week’s runs were as follows:

Sunday: 3 miles, no watch
Monday: 3 miles, 9:40 pace
Tuesday: 1/4 mile uphill sprints {SO!HARD!}
Wednesday: 3 miles, no watch but it felt fast!, 50 push ups
Thursday: 5 miles, 10:10 pace
Saturday: 11 miles, 10:26 pace

This was a great week of running. It has everything to do with the weather, and a little bit to do with me having a good week and looking outside of myself and my sorrows. Sometimes you just need to get your sadness out, wallow in it, and then do something for somebody else. I am grateful for a great week, for an encouraging and funny husband, and for a great and forgiving God.

Have an awesome night, guys!