Half Marathon Training: Update Number Five

It is 10:48pm on Friday night and I really should be sleeping. The thing is, I’m not tired. Glenn is out of town and whenever he’s gone I find it takes a lot longer for me to chillax and get to sleep. Earlier this summer when he was on a trip, 2:30am became my normal bedtime. I’m hoping to fall asleep earlier than that tonight… mostly because I have my second ten miler tomorrow! And with that, an update on the half marathon training.

Let it be known, as one of my lovely readers pointed out, that the training schedule I am following is quite aggressive. If you are training for your first half marathon, please do not follow what I’m doing. I specifically chose this program because it was for the advanced runner who wants to increase speed. That’s me! 🙂 And if you’re wondering which program it is, it’s Hal Higdon’s . He has great programs for beginner and intermediate runners, too.

This week’s runs:

Saturday: 10 miles, 1:46 {that’s a 10:36 pace if you were curious}.
Sunday: 3 mile power walk.
Monday: 3 mile run, 9:30 pace. 50 push ups.
Tuesday: 4 x 1/4 mile sprints followed by 1 x 1 mile sprint.
Wednesday: skipped my workout! Ah! Woopsie! It’s ok. I needed a day off.
Thursday: 5 mile “run”. NOT pretty. Stopped like 5 times. Walked over a mile of it. I don’t know WHAT was going on with my body, but I was never more happy to be finished with 5 miles. When I was running, I was going a 10 minute pace. When I was walking, I was not going a 10 minute pace.

Tomorrow I face another 10 miles, and I’m excited about it. I am hoping to maybe {real big maybe} improve my time from last week.  This week was kind of a stressful one, and filled with all sorts of sadness, excitement, and anxiety.  I know my emotional health affects my running greatly, so I’m happy with the week’s runs considering all of that. Yay for a new week!

Have a great weekend, all! And if you’re reading this on Friday night… why aren’t we hanging out??!!