Friday Ramblings

First up, I totally forgot to do an August Favorite Things and I am so saddened by this fact that I might just have to include a couple favorite things in this rambling sesh. Let’s begin with a photo of me with my littlest sister. I wish she were here with me for a few reasons, but mostly because I love her and she’s fun to watch Bachelor Pad with.

Now for the ramblings. In list form, as most great Kristin moments come out in lists.

1. Love on Top by Beyonce is awesome. I’m slightly obsessed with this song and I’m pretty sure the late Michael Jackson would have completely approved. I also really did think it was sweet that she revealed her prego eggo to the world to this tune. She sings, she dances, AND she can conceive? Wow. Beyonce really IS wonder-woman.

2. My go-to meal this week has been a salad from Chipotle with chicken, grilled veggies, corn salsa, tomatillo salsa, and some sour cream. It’s so good, and with the exception of the sour cream, totally good for you. You don’t even need to use the dressing.

3. Late night TV commercials are absolutely horrifying. Why was there a commercial involving bodies being chopped up in the middle of E!’s Snooki special?? I changed the channel immediately but still had nightmares. Someone should invent a parental control for commercials. Ick!

4. When the cat’s away, the mouse plays. This phrase is so weird to me. I am not really sure if it’s talking about just having fun, or if it’s talking about inappropriate relations, but either way it’s bizarre. In the cat and mouse world I live in, Glenn being away means I hit the shops. This week’s finds include two super cute tops from Anthropologie as well as a great pink skinny belt from Banana Republic. All on sale, my friends. All on sale.

5. I am totally loving this book. If you’re into food or wine or France {what? you love all three just like me? awesome.} I would highly recommend it. Actually, it’s an entertaining read even if you aren’t into those things so you should probably go check it out at your local library immediately.

Happy Weekend, friends! Hubby comes home tonight! He has been gone on business for a few days and I can’t wait to have someone to share the apartment with again.