The Injury

Seven years of running has finally caught up to me. I am officially injured.

Why yes, that is a man’s belt wrapped around my foot. Glenn has been having fun coming up with clever ways to get the ice pack to stay on my ankle. Oh my.

It happened yesterday as I was forcing #3 to run exceptionally fast sprints with me through an exceptionally fun running trail in what has been an exceptionally beautiful week of 75 degree mornings here in Little Rock. It had rained earlier in the morning, so I was making sure to mind my steps and not jump onto a huge pile of wet leaves that would make me slip and hit my head. In minding the piles of wet leaves, apparently I did not mind the massive pinecones that were scattered all over the trail.

My entire foot and ankle somehow managed to bend behind and under my leg in a way that it certainly had never bent before. All of a sudden I couldn’t stand on my right ankle anymore. I crumbled to the ground like a pathetic heap and had no idea what to do. Thank goodness #3 was with me! We sat on the {wet and leafy} ground for a few minutes until it started feeling a bit better.

I am now limping around with an ankle the size of a small child’s head that has recently decided to bruise. It’s kind of annoying but also kind of cool because I feel like it’s a battle scar.

Running: Almost as Dangerous as MMA.

Have a lovely Thursday! My family has been in town this week and we are having all sorts of fun that I will surely share with you soon as soon as I have a minute to do anything besides eat or laugh.