That’s What Friends are For

These are my friends. Their names are Chris and Kelly. They are awesome. They are Glenn’s friends, too, but I like claiming them as mine.

I like claiming most things as mine, come to think of it.

You may recognize Chris and Kelly from our last trip to Nashville.

The four of us met up in Nashville this past weekend to celebrate Independence Day {I LOVE AMERICA!} and eat a lot of good food. We succeeded at all things celebration and food related, including a “welcome to Nashville” cocktail as soon as we arrived.

Here are so more highlights of our trip:

The Loveless Cafe. Best. Biscuits. Ever.

Bobbie’s Dairy Dip. The dipped cones were so great when we had them on Sunday that we had to break a few traffic laws to make sure we got there before closing on Monday.

We took naps then headed downtown and had BBQ at Jack’s {the best} then watched the fireworks on the river – super cool.

Another highlight of the weekend was Kelly’s alter-ego: an intimidating Russian woman named Veronica who was constantly threatening some sort of physical harm. We never knew when she would show up!

I’m so thankful for my freedom, for the opportunity to be driving-distance from friends who are normally very far away, and for air conditioning. Can you imagine living in the South at the turn of the century? Oh my!

Hope you all had an excellent Independence Day as well.