Photo taken on our 2nd anniversary {many moons ago!} on the isle of Kaua’i, with Brian and Julie Prue: two people who are proof God loves us and has great things in store.

Last Monday morning, after sleeping until 9:15am, gathering my things, and heading to Panera to do a little writing, I received a text message from Glenn:

Good Morning K-Money! Hope you have a mediocre day with maybe just a tiny bit of productivity! #lowexpectations

It warmed my heart. And helped me have one of the best, most productive, positive days I’ve had in a while.

Here’s the deal: As you may recall from this post, I set ridiculously high goals for myself and have a hard time being ok with anything lower than the best.


It’s the furthest thing from freedom. And I want to be free in all aspects of life!

I’m working on it.

Back to the text message from G-Money. This week, we have decided to make mediocrity the goal.  I know that sounds weird, but it’s actually been really helpful. Let’s take last night, for example. I was checking in on some blogs I follow, most of them women who have “achieved” what I hope to achieve in my writing career: they have monetized their writing, have book deals, are excellent photographers, have thousands of people who read what they write every day, and get to travel all around the world because of their blogs.

I started to go down the path of “Man! I wish I could achieve success of that level in my writing!” This type of thinking never ends well. Actually, it almost always ends in me deciding there’s no point to what I’m doing and that I will never succeed at anything.

I have a problem.

Like I said, I’m working on it.

At any rate, instead of giving me the usual positive pep talk and telling me all the great things I’m capable of {which, side note, I am. So are you. Truth.} Glenn turned to me and said, ever so calmly: “It’s a good thing you’re just doing all this writing for fun, because you probably won’t ever get to do any of that stuff, and your blog will probably never be as successful as any of theirs!”

That may sound strange and mean, but trust me when I tell you it was said SO gently with the perfect hint of sarcasm.  This reverse psychology totally worked. Instead of heading down the freeway of doom, I stopped for a second and said “Oh yea, I probably won’t ever be as popular as they are. That’s not why I’m doing this! I AM doing this for fun and to have a place to express what it is to be ME!  I’ll just keep doing it and see what happens.”

There you have it.

Here I am, writing to all of you, sharing blips of inner insanity. Giving glimmers into the friendships, the drama, the travels, the foods that make up my life. And, really, it is a GREAT life that I lead.  A life that is so much more than mediocre.

Don’t tell Glenn I said that.

Much love to each and every one of you.