Favorite Things: May 2011

Thank you all so much for the kind comments on my Success post. I really appreciate them, and am so grateful to be surrounded by a wonderful community who wishes only good things for one another. Truly, thank you.

I contemplated titling this post “Favorite Things: Summer” but it’s technically not summer.

Unless you’re in the lovely Little Rock area, where it’s 95 degrees and 300 percent humidity.

In honor of the excessive heat, which I am told is just the beginning and to which everyone around me says “Just you wait!” I bring you the May edition of Favorite Things.

1. Men’s Deodorant.

#3 has worn men’s deodorant for a while now. I always thought it was strange but she claims it works better. Secret is more my style. You know, strong enough for a man but made for a woman? Well, the other day I decided to make life exciting and use Mr. G’s deodorant. I told him not to worry about us smelling the same, because the scent would change on each of us depending on the natural oils of our skin.

That’s what they tell you at perfumeries when they are trying to sell you and your bestie the same frangrance.

I was surprised at how fabulous I smelled with men’s deodorant. Occasionally I would turn around and wonder if Glenn was next to me, but no it was not him, it was just my fresh and manly armpits! Awesome.

2. Dry Shampoo.

Have I already talked about this? I should really keep track of my favorite things more closely. Even if I did already talk about it, it deserves another run. This stuff is mind-blowingly great. And I’ll let you all in on a secret: all those girls with “hot” hair, the ones you think spend hours and hours and hours primping and curling even though they say they just rolled out of bed {LIARS!}: they don’t wash their hair every day! They probably wash their hair 3 times a week. 4 max. You heard it here first: wash your hair less, use dry shampoo more. You will have hot hair.

3. Cupcake Toppers.

Image by Shimmer Ink.

I am helping throw a baby shower for a dear friend next weekend, and I think my favorite idea we had was cupcake toppers. I mean look at these things! They are a little bit of work, but they make things so personalized and fun. My friend Carol made some for her little girl Lily’s birthday party, and I’ve also seen a lot of them on various party blogs I’ve been looking at.

4. Restaurant Lists.

Mr. G and I are headed to San Diego {yippee!} next week for a short visit. In anticipation of our trip home, we have been making a list of things we must eat while there. You would think, for two food lovers, that the list would consist of at least a few “nicer” restaurants, but no. So far we have: In-N-Out, Trujillo’s Taco Shop, Miguel’s, Bread and Cie, Bronx Pizza. My mouth is watering.

5. Sparkly Shoes.

I just got these and I loooovvveee them. I mean I REALLY am trying to figure out a way to wear them with everything I own. I feel like they are the toned down, affordable version of the Christian Louboutin’s SJP wore as Carrie. ¬†Am I right?

Hope you all have a LOVELY weekend, filled with clean-smelling pits and sparkly shoes.