Here we go… again!

I have been talking about it for a while, I know. ย A new blog. A FANCY new blog. Something to look forward to! It’s been so long since I started working on this with my dear friend Bronson Pate that I honestly don’t remember when it started! I DO know that I could be tweaking and changing and re-shooting things for the rest of my life and at some point I just had to decide – it is done! That point is now.

Do you LOVE my new blog???? Because I do! I am honestly so proud of all the hard work that went into it from so many lovely people. I am so excited to have something I’m this excited about that is ALL MINE! Kristin Eats. It’s me! I eat! I live to tell stories that generally involve eating!

I love getting to share this part of me with friends and family and strangers all over the planet. ย Hooray for today! For today is the beginning of a new era in the life of Kristin Murdock. ย The official beginning of Kristin Eats.