Old School {take two}

Update in PURPLE!

I have been super sick for the past few days. I’m finally feeling a little better thanks to lots of Benadryl and my active lifestyle that has involved ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but TV.  If you need an update on the Style Network, HGTV, Oprah, or Dancing with the Stars: just ask. If you would like to discuss how horrible the garbage disguised as The Bachelorette is, I’m definitely your girl. There’s something about watching other people’s emotional instability unravel on national television that I just can’t get over. It’s hilarious!

Somewhere in the middle of my TV and Sudafed induced coma, my Mom scanned these old school pictures of me and #3 and sent them my way. Can anyone {who is NOT my blood relative} guess who is who? If you can get all 5 right I’ll send you a prize! I haven’t decided what the prize is yet so feel free to offer up suggestions for that along with your answer.

Nice bangs. This one is #3. At least we think it is. After sending it to me my Mom realized it could have  been our youngest sister Katherine. Yikes.

This is me! And that’s the back of little Corrie’s head. She is #2.

Are those zip-off sleeves? Do you think that comes in my size? I could go for a violet zip-off vest. Oh this is me all the way. At Disneyland… not surprising.

We had to have my Dad verify {he’s the best at identifying who was who growing up} but this one is me, too.

It’s #3!

Who’s who?

Hope everyone’s having a great Tuesday!