Whole Wheat Pancakes

Last week I wanted to make breakfast for dinner. So I did.

It was good. Great, actually. First I thought about making Ruth Reichl’s pancakes out of the Gourmet cookbook, and then I entered the recipe into MyFoodDiary to figure out the calories and promptly changed my mind. Ms. Reichl, you are an excellent writer, but your pancakes are not an option for me anytime soon. {The two sticks of butter IN THE BATTER should have tipped me off.} So instead of those luxuriously buttery pancakes, I found another recipe in the Gourmet cookbook: Whole Wheat Pancakes! At only 76 calories per pancake, these were right up my alley.

Top with a pat of butter and some real maple syrup. Breakfast for dinner — oh yay!

You can find the recipe HERE. I would also highly recommend buying yourself the Gourmet cookbook, because it’s great. My best friend bought it for me and I am now indebted to her forever.