Breakfast at Boulevard Bread Company

Boulevard Bread Company is my favorite place in Little Rock. The other day I was making a list of things I would miss when we leave {should the day ever come…}. You know, to try and stay positive about this whole living in a tornado shelter thing. Here’s my list:

1. Boulevard Bread Company

2. Being able to get to the airport 45 minutes before my flight because there are never lines.

3. I got nothin’. There may not be a third thing. If you’re wondering why I didn’t include my two friends in town, Beth and Carol, it’s because they can be transported from Little Rock to California to come see me.

Back to Boulevard Bread Company.  I could {and sometimes do} eat there every day.  Yesterday I was there twice. I can turn anything into a reason to stop by Boulevard.

It’s hot outside? You need an iced tea. Boulevard Bread Company has the best iced tea.

It’s not hot outside, in fact it’s frigid? Good, because Boulevard happens to make the single most delicious latte in Little Rock.

You are having a 7:30am budget meeting? Make it better by picking up some pastries at Boulevard.

The dentist told you to stop eating sweets? He shouldn’t, because your sugar addiction is keeping him in business.. nonetheless, Boulevard has a huge list of delicious sandwiches.

You’re trying to lose weight and nothing I’ve mentioned so far categorizes as “healthy”? Check out the Boulevard fruit plate.

This fruit plate has been my go-to since February. Pears, oranges, grapefruit, sometimes apples, a little melon, pineapple {my favorite}, strawberries, roasted almonds, and a few crostini covered in goat cheese. This is my perfect breakfast.

Bottom line: If you live in Little Rock, spend some time with the good people and great food of Boulevard Bread Company. If you don’t live in Little Rock: this place might be reason enough to come visit me. I’ll be waiting for you in the apartment building that’s surrounded by thunder storms and tornadoes. See you soon!