Catching Up

It’s been too long. Far too long.

I’m sorry, internet! There’s just so much going on, I simply can not stay on top of it all. And I want to share every. single. second with you but that is simply unrealistic and unhealthy. Oh, and you might not actually be interested in every moment of my life. SOOOO my friends, just like I did a while back in this post, here is an update from each category. And then some.

Arkansas – I am no longer there. If you didn’t know that, I am sorry. I would have thought the weekly posts about running on the beach would have given it away.If you want to read a little about the move, you can click here. If you want to read a little bit about our dreams coming true, you can click here.

Fashion – I have new running shoes. And new running clothes. Because all I do is run.

Ok that’s a lie, I work, I hang out, I sleep, I eat. But a lot of what I do is run, so all the new clothes I have purchased recently are super cool running clothes. Are you interested in a running/workout fashion post?

I am also *trying* to dress cute whenever I leave the house, especially if it’s for something professional. This is what we call “classing it up”. I will do my best to post pictures. Actually, here’s one of my outfit my first day of work. My favorite part of this outfit is that a stranger stopped me at the mall to tell me how much she loved my top and ask where I got it.  Goodwill. Awwww yea!

Work – I have a job! I started working right before we moved down to San Diego from LaLa Land. I am working at the University of San Diego again, different department but same division as before. I LOVE being back on campus. And I LOVE working part time. And I LOVE getting a paycheck. It’s been a while.

Favorite Things – Alright people, here’s the deal. Everyone is doing something favorite-thingsy. And even though like one of the basic definitions of life and human existence is that we are a strange combination of copy-cat and original — I am just not that into doing what every other blogger I read is doing. Or maybe I am. And maybe that’s why I’m blogging at all. Blurg. Bottom line: I need to get over myself. Favorite things post to come in the future.

Friends and Family – My baby sister is on crutches, #3 is moving out here at some point in the near future, the 2nd in command is dominating the hotel industry {and hooking me up with awesome hotels to stay at!}, and my parents are going on dinner dates where my Dad tells my Mom how he believes aliens are everywhere. As for the married-into family? I am living with them. And I like it. Keith-As-I-Live-And-Breathe {which is what I call my father in law} kills the spiders in my room, Janice makes me eggs. It’s awesome.

Los Angeles – I kind of miss it. Don’t crucify me. I am an eternal San Diegan and would never sell out for LA, but LA was fun! I loved driving 40 minutes to the coolest places on the West Coast. I loved meeting up with Matt and Sandy almost every weekend. I loved riding bikes in Santa Monica. I loved having 4 Lululemon shops within 20 miles. I loved that Ryan Seacrest was my local morning show. I seriously loved LA.

Personal – What does this category even mean?? The most personal things happening right now: my husband is gone and I really miss him, I have blisters on my toes and skin that’s been rubbed raw from all of my running, and I’m struggling with setting up healthy boundaries {ie. I say YES too often and NO, well, never}.

Recipes – I have not cooked in months. I can not WAIT to get all my stuff back and cook up a storm! I recently acquired two new cookbooks and I’m reading through them eagerly. This weekend I came up with a recipe for a tangerine margarita. Here’s a teaser photo.

Restaurants – Are my second home.

Running – I completed The Five Experiment! It was great! I ran 100 miles in a month and I enjoyed {almost} every mile. I am keeping up my 5 runs a week, but am not being as nitpicky about the distance. Last week, for example, I ran 3.5 miles one day. I have decided I really like the 5 mile distance, though. It’s long enough to be a good workout no matter what, and short enough that you don’t feel like you can’t make plans at night.

San Diego – Love it. It’s as good, if not better, than I remember. May Grey is in full swing, and is a great reminder of the Ah-mazing climate we have and the fact that this blessed marine layer keeps our temperatures so moderate all year long. Last night I practiced skateboarding at the bay with the fam, and then we ate fresh fish at Point Loma Seafoods. How could I complain when this is just an average Sunday afternoon in San Diego?

Travel – Here’s what is coming up this summer: a trip to the ATL next week to celebrate the completion of Glenn’s Operator training — aaaand to celebrate the fabulous Kelly Reynolds’ birthday. BAAAH! I can hardly wait!

In mid June we are going on a Murdock Extravaganza to Las Vegas. I am pretty sure we are going to try to all fit into one car, and I know for a fact we will be eating at some serious buffets. Then later in June, Glenn and I are going to Scottsdale, AZ for a Family Life conference called Weekend to Remember. We will be staying at the Firesky Resort and I’m puuumped.

Weight Loss – I lost 1 pound during the Five Experiment, and have lost another pound since. Two pounds. Boo ya!

Phew. I’m exhausted.

Happy Monday my friends!



A Day with G

Last week Glenn and I had the luxury of spending a day off together. It was super fun. Suuuuper fun.

We started off with a run {see photo from this post}. It’s fun to run together. When I started running, 8 years ago now {yikes}, it was with Glenn. He’s a good running buddy.

After our run we did what any smart person would do after a workout: indulged. Bouchon Bakery, anyone?

Since we were in the neighborhood, after breakfast we stopped by Lululemon to pick up the running shorts I had been saving for. I am realizing that when I run 5-6 days a week, I use a LOT of running clothes. Lululemon is my friend.

From there, we drove to Santa Monica and walked around a little, checking out the view and the ocean.

Next up was a Boba stop. Natch. Does anyone else’s family partake in frequent Boba drinking? We feel like the freakier the place, the better. And if the menu is primarily in a language we can’t read — we know we found a winner.

Our final stop of the day was one we had been meaning to do for a while: El Camino College. Glenn’s great grandfather, Forest Murdock, was the founding President of El Camino College and we had heard the stadium was named after him.

How cool is that??!!! We chatted with a couple of *super* sweet ladies in the President’s office about the Murdock “legacy” and one of them even knew Glenn’s great uncle.

My favorite part of the day {besides the croissant} was just doing silly, adventure-esque stuff with Glenn. It isn’t often that we have an entire day to ourselves, just to enjoy the sunshine and smile. I am grateful for Glenn for so many reasons, but mostly I’m just grateful that he chose me to partner with for-e-ver.

Happy Thursday!


The Grove and Los Angeles Farmer’s Market

Last week I met up with Sandy for lunch, and we chose to meet in the middle which just so happened to be The Grove near downtown LA. So cool. I want to go back. It’s like a Disneyland-esque mall — including chandeliers, old school music, a lake, and a trolley running through it. Also, they have an American Girl store.

Have you ever been to an American Girl store? I hadn’t. I grew up reading the books and longingly looking through the doll catalogs, wishing I could get that Samantha doll. Nowadays you can basically create your own doll which is RIDICULOUSLY COOL and also RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE. Sandy and I picked out which dolls we would design for ourselves, and yes they would have cost about $400. Cool glasses frames included.

For lunch we settled on Mediterranean food: a lamb kebab, hummus and pita, grilled vegetables, rice pilaf, and potato salad.

We also decided that we needed some vino with our lunch. Because, as I’ve said before, wine at lunch is one of life’s true pleasures. Very luxurious. I’m obviously *way* too excited about my wine at lunch.

After our delicious lunch and wine we had dipped cones. Another one of life’s true pleasures. Truly. What tops a dipped cone?!?

We walked off our ice cream cones wandering around The Grove shops and saw Extra being taped. Here are Ben Lyons and Kerry Washington. Not super exciting but pretty fun to see a little behind the scenes Hollywood reporting.

Overall, I give The Grove and the old Los Angeles Farmer’s Market two thumbs up. Honestly, I can’t wait to go back, so if you come to LA you should at least stop by.

Happy Wednesday! Day 3 of my running challenge – woop!


Friday Night Movie Review

Happy Friday!

If you, like me, love going to the movies, boy do I have a treat for you. JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI. If it’s playing at a theater near you, you must go see it.

Glenn and I met up with Matt and Sandy in Pasadena last weekend for this movie. We sat in this kind of traffic to get there. That was fun.

We were all super impressed with this film. We were also all super impressed with the refillable large popcorn for only $5.50 at Laemmle Theaters.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a documentary about Jiro, the world’s greatest sushi chef. It was fascinating from beginning to end and had surprising insights about family, food, hard work, and the growth mindset {my favorite!}. I would *highly* recommend this film even if you aren’t into sushi.

Some fun facts to know before you go see Jiro Dreams of Sushi:
1. It is a documentary. Don’t go expecting an action film or a comedy. Doc-u-men-ta-ry. Got it?

2. It is in Japanese with English subtitles. If you can’t either read English or understand Japanese, this will be a problem for you.

3. It is rated PG. There is a scene where one of the characters smokes a cigarette. Figured you should be warned.

4. No sushi you have ever had will EVER be the same. All you will ever want, for the rest of your life, is sushi that Jiro or one of his apprentices make. I am trying to figure out how to get myself to Tokyo for a taste of Jiro’s sushi this very minute.

If you go see it, which I highly recommend you do, tell me what you think of it!

Happy Friday, friendly friends!


What I Ate This Week

#3 came to visit this week, as did Matt and Jessica and Baby Reagan. I have lots of fun pictures to share with you all, but first — here’s what I ate this week.

Tomato soup at Nordstrom Cafe.

Drunken Noodles with Sandy near Biola. {ps Sandy & I have been meeting for lunch every once in a while and it has been super-de-duper fun! She is slowly introducing me to the world of freaky Asian eats. This Thai food not included. It was in no way freaky.}

Breakfast at the Ocean Diner. Mine is the waffle with fruit, granola, and whipped cream. Because who doesn’t need whipped cream for breakfast?!?

Macarons at Bottega Louie. We went here to celebrate Jessica’s birthday {she had been introduced to it by Erin} and can I just say I. AM. IN. LOVE. Our friend/mentor/former business consultant is coming to town this week and we are taking him here. We loved everything about it and I’ll try to take more pics on Thursday to share all the awesomeness with you. Totally worth 45+ minutes of Los Angeles traffic.

Those are the highlights. And now, I’m headed out for a run. After looking at these pictures, that seems like the only logical thing to do.

Happy Wednesday, hope it’s filled with sunshine!


The Weekend : Visitors and a Hollywood Classic

This past weekend we had the lovely Kim and James Buckley drive up from San Diego for a visit. It was a BLAST spending time with them, and getting to scope out more of our neighborhood and the greater Los Angeles area.

Side note: Gas is expensive. I know gas prices are going up everywhere, but has anyone seen a price higher than this? Downtown Los Angeles. Unreal!

The weekend started Friday night with chatting and giggling until 2am. I don’t remember the last time I stayed up til 2. It’s been a WHILE. The fun part was giggling with friends. The not so fun part was being tired for most of the day Saturday.

Saturday morning we walked to Tammie’s for muffins. If you come visit me in Hermosa Beach, we will be going to Tammie’s. The muffins are to die for. I am convinced they will singlehandedly be responsible for giving Glenn Type 2 Diabetes sometime within the next month.

We then visited Glenn at the Chick-fil-A he is working at, ate some lunch, and came home just in time for FRISBEE HOUR! Frisbee time is one of Glenn’s favorite times of life. I am not much of a frisbee player, so when he gets together with friends {like James} who love it as much as he does, he is a happy man.

While the boys played, Kim and I walked around the sand and took some cool pictures. I can’t believe this is where we live!

Saturday night we decided to sushi it up. We found this awesome and super authentic place called Sushi Ichiriki. I think part of the reason we wanted to go there was because of the name. It’s so fun to say! Ichiriki!

Our delicious sushi dinner was followed by a HORRIFYING yet memorable trip to the Fun Factory at the Redondo Pier. Every time we turned a corner I couldn’t figure out if I should be worried I was going to get shot, or if I was in a third world country and should donate funds to the Fun Factory.

Here are Kim and I, holding onto each other for dear life.

Sunday morning we woke up and headed out for a true Hollywood experience: hiking the trails of Griffith Park followed by lunch at Pink’s.

I think I speak for all of us when I say we loved Griffith Park. It’s huge and there are so many different walking, running, and hiking trails. We decided to go off the beaten path a bit, which proved steep, dirty, and super fun. Thanks, Kim, for being so hardcore you could take pictures of us as we were sliding down the mountain!

Mark and Laura had gone into Hollywood for church, so they met up with us for a nice greasy hot dog lunch.

And that, my friends, is how you spend a super fun weekend in LA! Thanks to the Buckley’s for  making the drive up to Hermosa, and to the Dougies for being up for anything at any time.

Happy Tuesday, all! See you soon!