Here We Are

I never know how to start a post when it’s been a while. I really don’t know how to start a post when it’s been a loooong while, but oh well, here we are.

Last time I wrote, River had just been born. I will spare you the excruciatingly long details of my excruciatingly long labor, and just tell you the important parts: I did it!!! Thanks to the grace of God, an incredible doctor, nursing staff, and doula (heeeey Briana!!!), and a lot of personal determination – I had a successful VBAC and out popped the monstrosity of a child named River Righteousness Murdock. A few days after giving birth, I wrote out every single part of my labor and delivery, and I am so glad I did. I may never read it again, but just in case, it’s cool to know I have it.

Today, River is seven months old and so much fun. His life has brought so much joy, and so many giggles. <side note, I just spent 20 minutes trying to upload a photo of him but I’m having trouble… so that will have to wait until next time!>

With Branch, parenting is so different :: holding love and loss, curating his memory, doing our best to ensure he is not forgotten and his name is spoken regularly. With River, I don’t have to express love and grief at the same time. I get to snuggle him every day, I get to watch him grow instead of imagining what he would look like, and I get to be the person who knows and sees his little personality developing every day. I am oh so grateful for the precious boys God has given me.

A few months before giving birth, I somehow convinced my mother-in-law to train for a half marathon with me. She has never done one, and anytime I had asked in the past she was *very* un-interested. Maybe I was less intimidating this time, maybe she was sick of me asking, or maybe she realized spending every Saturday morning with me would actually be pretty darn fun… whatever it was, she said YES and we signed up for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon, taking place May 8th. We have been training since the end of July, and we are SO ready. I am excited for her to experience the thrill of a big race, and excited for us to finish this thing together.  It is honestly a huge accomplishment for both of us – this is her first time doing this type of distance, and my first race since having River. Also, we are going to wear matching tutu’s, so there’s that.

That’s it for today, but I will leave you with this little tidbit :: I drink iced Americano’s now. Black.

That’s right. No cream. No sugar. Just espresso, water, and ice. I think this is what people refer to as “growing up.”

Talk to you soon, my little raccoons!

Things Happening Right Now(ish)

1. Ate The Gourmet Cookbook’s Macaroni and Cheese for dinner last night. Actually I should say we couldn’t stop eating it. It was one of those things where you’re super full but you simply can’t put the fork down. Not good and yet delicious at the same time.

2. Diet Coke and lunch with my work buddy Alejandro. It’s been a while since I’ve had Diet Coke. It is very bubbly. Hiccough!

3. Flying to San Francisco tomorrow for THE MARATHON with Mom and Sandy. Hip-hip-hooray I am so nerve-cited I can hardly stand it!

That’s pretty much my week in a nutshell.


Ten Things

I read once, I’m pretty sure it was on Jamie’s blog, actually, that the best way to come back to a blog after a significant absence is with a list of ten things. Any type of things. Things you’re into, things you’re doing, things you have noticed.

So here are mine.

1. My god-daughter is precious.

2. A perfect blend of the Coco’s Combo, cheese boards, and a general lack of desire to do anything physically challenging have made it absolutely necessary for me to join Weight Watchers. Anyone else out there doing it?!?

3. The window displays at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus scream fall. It’s awesome! I can’t wait for the weather to cool off and for me to *attempt* fashion once again.

4. I spent a week on a boat with these friends. We slept under the stars, ate lots of otter-pops, and found the greatest hotel Page, AZ had to offer.

5. Hair is over-rated.

6. When you’re used to 73 degrees — 91 is hot.

7. Your husband turning 30 is a really good excuse to throw a big party.

8. Starbucks is better in Japan.

9. Cutting up a chicken is kind of hard. I am determined to be a master at it. I think it will take 20 chickens for me to become proficient, and 50 to be a master. Looks like we will be eating a lot of chicken this fall.

10. This is what public humiliation looks like. This is also what having great sisters looks like.

Happy Monday,


Up and Running

This post, despite its title, is not actually about ME being “up and running.”

Although I have been doing a lot of running lately. And I need to update all of you on it and see how you’re doing in your runs/challenges. I will make a mental note.

But that’s beside the point. The point, my friends, is that Kristin Eats is up and running!

I’m back, baby! No more viruses!

You will notice I returned to my old blog design. I am not sure if this will help ward off the evil malware demons, but I never had any issues using this design so I’m sticking with it for now.

I have lots to share, but for today just wanted to say HEY and give the ridiculously talented Chris D. a shout out for healing my wounded blog in a matter of minutes. CHRIS: YOU ROCK! Seriously. You do. Also, I think you should invite me and the Murds over for Survivor next week. Or you guys should come over to the Murds. I’ll make dessert.

And finally, to wrap things up, here is a photo that brought me joy today. Two of my favorite people: the hubs and Reagan. Love love love and more love.

See you all tomorrow!


Murdock Family Photos 2011

A few weeks ago, when we were home, we took family photos with the Murdock’s.

Actually, we decided it would be easier to just take a picture of me with each member of the family… I mean… there are a lot of kids to wrangle so the one-on-one’s just seemed easier.

I kind of love these people. They’re pretty crazy.

And although I will miss celebrating Christmas with my own blood relatives this year…

… who are equally crazy and loved for it, by the way…

I am grateful to the Murdock’s for being my family, for being fun, and for being part of making Glenn who he is today. Because, quite frankly, Glenn is my favorite Murdock, and I couldn’t imagine spending every day, holiday or not, with anyone else.

Merry Christmas.



Gift Shopping

It’s that time of year.

The time of year where the mall is ridiculously full, where people are maxing out their credit cards every day, and where the scarf I’ve had my eye on at Banana Republic has sold out since, apparently, the scarf is this season’s go-to gift.

This year, more than any, I have had trouble figuring out what to get for Glenn.

First I thought: an iPad. I mean, what a treat! He has a super old iPod, an old phone, and a beat up computer. It would be such a surprise, and he would LOVE it. Oh, and it’s pretty. Look!

Then I realized the iPad is $500-$700. There is no way that is happening in this decade.

On to the next big thing. Or so I hoped.

Last night, as I was recovering from the Death Flu, I found an amazing pair of shoes that would last him a lifetime and are oh-so-classy. Allow me to introduce you to the Alden New England Wing-tip Oxford.

Here was my thought process once I saw these shoes:

“Oh these are awesome! He has really been wanting a nice pair of brown dress shoes! These are perfect! Man, they look like they’re really well made, too, so they would last forever and he could dress them up or dress them down. I bet I could find a couple hundred dollards to buy Glenn the greatest shoes ever, and he would be so surprised! Yippee!”

And here was my thought process when I saw the $635 price tag:


So here’s the deal, friends:

I have no gift for my husband.

Zero. Zip. Nada.

This, for some of you, is not an issue at all, but I am the ultimate gift lover. I love to give gifts, I love to get gifts, I love gifts! And EVERY. OTHER. YEAR. I have had awesome, thoughtful, fun, beautiful, surprising gifts for Glenn but this year I have NOTHING.

Maybe I’ll have to make him some cookies.

And with that, I’m off to Goodwill to see if I can’t find a pair of Alden Wing-tip’s in a size 11. I’ll keep you posted.


Four Things

1. The Death Flu has taken up temporary residence in my body. It hit yesterday and I have given it permission to stay until tonight. The fever came and went, so now I’m just stuck with congestion and extreme boredom, which I am expecting will leave by tomorrow morning.

2. Running is so much more fun with a buddy. I love my new running partner and friend Keri. It is really making life, and running, a heck of a lot better.

3. We’ll be home for Christmas! We found out just last week that we are going home for Christmas and a few days after. Eeeep! So exciting! Now I just have to figure out how to fit everyone’s gifts into my carry-on.

4. My sister, #3, brought me a Godiva chocolate bar last night. I’m eating a piece right now and it’s kind of the best thing ever.

That’s it for today. Hope you’re all having a fabulous Christmas week!


Jet Set Hiatus

So I accidentally took a really long break from blogging.

Will you forgive me? Pretty please? Like maybe if I show you all the things I was doing while I was away, living in my own little Jet Set fantasy world?

I spent hours and hours with my dear friends at Southwest Airlines. I sat in the first row on all but one of the six flights I was on. The first row is basically awesome. It’s like Southwest’s version of First Class. I stretched my legs out as far as they would go and drank a lot of cran-apple juice.

I squeezed into a car that, legally, can only seat eight.  Along with me were Mother-in-law, Father-in-law, husband, brother-in-law, other brother-in-law, sister-in-law, girlfriend that we all want to become a sister-in-law, and three nieces in car seats. We squeezed into this car to take an imaginary sleigh ride around town checking out Christmas lights and laughing until we cried. I love Christmas.


I spent a day at Disneyland with friends who feel more like family, and got to see the Disneyland Candlelight Ceremony {a lifelong dream!! it came true!!} with said family-like friends. Everything about this day was inspired and a gift from God. Oh, how blessed I am!

I came back to Little Rock for one night and got to see the first snow of the season.

I became my god-daughter’s second favorite person for a week. Aside from her mother, I was the person she requested to be carried by the most. It was pretty fun, and awfully precious.

I helped my Mom do her Christmas shopping at a mall outside of DC that can only be described as magical. I could have spent hours here. I love shopping. And Nordstrom. {ps. my friend Carol’s credit card was stolen and the thief spent thousands of dollars at Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus… she asked if it was me. it was not, thank you Carol.}

I visited the ever-so-splendid Georgetown Cupcake. It is so good. I could have eaten five. Truly. I know this is cupcake blasphemy, but I think I might even like it better than Sprinkles. *gasp!*

Hope the first part of December was wonderfully festive for you, too! Here’s to the end of a great hiatus.



photo courtesy of the lovely Kimberly Kalleberg

It’s almost 70 degrees in Little Rock today, which reminded me of just how great it is to be outside. I’m writing this to you, no matter where you are or how warm (or cold) it is, to encourage you to go outside and breathe in some fresh air. You won’t regret it. In fact, I bet it will make the stresses from the week seem a little more manageable.

And just in case that wasn’t enough, here are some facts you should be reminded of:

1. You are a deeply loved human being.
2. The weekend is almost here.
3. I think you’re pretty awesome.

Thanks for reading, happy Friday!


Kristin Eats Healthy – Part 2 (as promised) Salmon Burgers

I’m making this a quick one because I have things to do. Like go to Starbucks and earn more stars so I can get free drinks faster.

My 2nd healthy recipe for the week is the salmon burger. These were inspired by Jessica Seinfeld (yep, Jerry’s wife) who just wrote her 2nd cookbook Doubly Delicious. I am totally into this cookbook, and so far everything I’ve made from it has been, in fact, delicious. It’s a good thing, too, because if the recipes in a book with Delicious in the title weren’t actually that good it would be a serious disappointment.

Salmon Burgers – by Jessica Seinfeld with some changes made by Kristin
1 burger (including bun) – 394 calories

2 T fresh chopped ginger
2 cloves garlic
1 T soy sauce
2 T reduced-fat mayonnaise
2 T hoisin sauce (I found out too late in the game that I didn’t have hoisin sauce at my house, so I added a little bit of worcestershire. still worked.)
1 cup frozen broccoli/cauliflower florets, thawed (or any other soft veggie – Jessica recommends carrot puree but, again, I didn’t have that lying around)
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 pounds wild salmon, bones and skin removed, cut into 1 inch pieces
*note* to make this simpler on yourself, ask the fishmonger (fancy word for fish man) to remove the skin. I removed the skin myself and it was rather time consuming. Also very slimy. *end note*
6 whole wheat hamburger buns (the smaller ones. I find the Pepperidge Farm ones to be too big!)
lettuce, tomato, avocado, onion, etc to top the burger

Put the ginger and garlic in a food processor and pulse until finely chopped. Add the soy sauce, hoisin, mayonnaise, vegetables, salt, and salmon. Pulse until the ingredients are combined and begin to hold together.

Form the salmon mixture into 6 patties. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour until the patties firm up.

*At this point I froze 3 of the patties – wrapped each one in plastic wrap and then put them into a plastic ziploc and froze them for future use. We have already eaten 2 of the frozen ones – they are still just as delicious! Let them thaw and cook the same as below.*

In a heavy-bottomed skillet over medium heat, brown the burgers in olive oil, approximately 2-3 minutes per side. Serve on toasted buns and top with lettuce, tomato, avocado, or anything else you fancy.

I served these with a large salad and oven-roasted potato chips (I cut a sweet potato and a few golden potatoes into thin slices, drizzle with olive oil, roast at 400 for approximately 30-40 minutes until they’re a little crisp on the outside, and dip in ketchup and mustard.

Delicious times two? Yes. Yes. Delicious enough for the husband to add TWO patties to his burger, thus making it a rather high calorie meal and missing the point entirely? Yes. Yes.